How John Stamos paid tribute to Full House co-star Bob Saget during a Beach Boys Concert


John Stamos’ relationship with The Beach Boys dates back to the 1980s, when the actor was still in general hospital, but many fans found out about the musical connection when the Kokomo singers appeared as Uncle Jesse’s friends in several Sold-out episodes. Stamos’ friendship with his comedy co-star Bob Saget has also gone far, and he has been honoring “American dad” at every opportunity since Saget died in January at the age of 65. Most recently, the Beach Boys helped their longtime friend honor the memory of the late comedian at the concert “Sixty Years of the Sounds of Summer” on August 7.

Jesse Katsopolis may have sung to his wife Becky (Laurie Laughlin) at their wedding when he first performed the Beach Boys song “Forever” on “Full House” in 1991. a tribute to Bob Saget. Watch a video of one concert attendee from the performance:

Last night John Stamos performed with The Beach Boys and paid tribute to Bob Saget with the song “Forever” from “Full House”. When I tell you, I cry. 🥺😭

Bob Saget, a man famous not only for his obscene stand-up comedy, but also for the role of the sugary-sweet Danny Tanner in the TV series “Full House”, unexpectedly died on January 9 after a head injury. It was all the more heartbreaking to see excerpts from his collaboration with John Stamos in the ABC sitcom, which were shown on screen during a performance at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

John Stamos supports the memory of his on-screen son-in-law with stories and tributes, a slightly vulgar eulogy at Bob Saget’s funeral and co-organizer of the star memorial that became Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget. Tribute (available to Netflix subscribers). He and the rest of the “Full House” family loudly declared the love their former co-star felt for his friends, his life and his family, which actually makes the Beach Boys song about doing everything possible to make someone laugh and fill his soul. the heart of joy is all the more heartbreaking.

The Big Shot actor shared a repost of a concert attendee on his Instagram, in which he showed how he plays drums and sings on stage with The Beach Boys, and the crowd dances and sings along to their hits.

Music was a passion shared by John Stamos and Bob Saget, so much so that when Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo was preparing to move out of the house she shared with her husband, she gave the actor Uncle Jesse a special souvenir — Rizzo gave Bob Saget’s Guitar to Stamos, paying homage to all the times they played music together.

It’s so sweet that there is still so much love for the comedian, and how Bob Saget’s loved ones continue to honor his memory. Candice Cameron Bure and John Mayer even created hoodies in his honor, and the proceeds went to the Scleroderma Research Foundation, which was a matter close to Saget’s heart.

Besides the Netflix Memorial special (opens in a new tab), there are so many other movies and TV shows available to stream if you want to remember Bob Saget, including the Fuller House spinoff on Netflix or all eight seasons of Full House with an HBO Max subscription.


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