How Jin appeared with Jungkook in cameo ‘Daechwita’


Jin, one of the seven members of BTS, revealed how his incredible cameo with Jungkook happened in the music video ‘Daechwita’.

On May 22, BTS’s Suga released his second mixtape under the name Agust D titled D-2. “Daechwita” is the lead single from the mixtape and features a stellar music video that was released on the same day as the mixtape.

In the music video for “Daechwita,” BTS’s Jin and Jungkook make a brief cameo. Recently, on an episode of BTS on YouTube and on V Live with RM, Jin revealed how this incredible cameo came about.

Jin and Jungkook appeared in the music video for ‘Daechwita’

In the first minute of the “Daechwita” music video, Jin meets Agust D and turns around. As he does so, he accidentally hits Jungkook with a fishing pole. Agust D keeps walking as Jin and Jungkook start fighting in the background.

On May 24, Jin and RM held a V Live broadcast for BTS fans. During V Live, Jin spoke briefly about his cameo with Jungkook in the music video “Daechwita”. He said there were two different versions of the cameo.

The one used showed Jin hitting Jungkook with a fishing pole and the two fighting. The second version that was not included had Jin and Jungkook dancing behind Suga in the background. Jin also said that appearing in the music video made him realize that he shouldn’t grow a beard.

Behind the scenes of the ‘Daechwita’ music video

Big Hit Entertainment also released an episode of BTS on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel on May 24. The new episode of BTS gave fans a look at the making of the music video for “Daechwita.” During the episode, Jin and Jungkook told fans about their cameo.

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“We are bottom talents,” Jin said. “We are here as backgrounds,” Jungkook said. “Don’t think of us as BTS. We are Kim Seok-Jin, actor and Jeon Jung-Kook, actor. “” Yoongi begged us to be in on this, “Jin said.” She told me, ‘Please participate, please, just once.’

J-Hope also visited the music video set.

While Jin and Jungkook were in the music video for “Daechwita”, J-Hope visited the set to show his support for Suga. “You look good,” J-Hope told Suga. “I looked even better yesterday,” Suga replied.

As we mentioned in Somagnews, “Daechwita” incorporates traditional Korean military music and instruments along with modern hip-hop rhythms. In the clip Suga portrays two different characters from Agust D, one is a king and the other is a modern character.


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