How Jensen Ackles of “The Winchesters” Uses the approach of Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill to Secure His Dream Role in DC


Showing off your innermost desires until you get them is sometimes the best way to achieve your goals. This applies not only to ordinary people, but also to household celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill and even the star of “Winchesters” Jensen Ackles. While both the Mercenary with the Mouth and Geralt of Rivia aggressively promoted and promoted the roles to reach where they are today, the 44-year-old American actor is also loudly proclaiming his long-held dream.

Although Eccles wasn’t mentioned much, he made it clear that sometime in the future he would want to play the armed DC antihero— Red Hood. For those who don’t know, Jason Todd (or Red Hood) is a Batman character with a rather darker origin story than the usual DC standards.

Apparently, the Joker killed the once ardent copycat fighter along with the Dark Knight and abandoned him in an explosive warehouse. However, he came back to life in the infamous DC storytelling style and appeared as the antihero we now know as the Red Hood.

So, is 2022 the year when Jensen’s superhero dream will come true? Let’s find out!

Will the star of “Winchesters” Jensen Ackles play the role of DC’s antihero, Red Hood, in the near future?

Well, no matter how much the actor talks about it, we don’t have any official news. Although he voiced the antihero in the animated film “Batman: Under the Red Hood” in 2010, at the moment we do not know anything about his film adaptation.

However, the actor accelerated his desire to play the role in his 2018 Instagram post, where he could be seen in a cool Red Riding Hood outfit, and this certainly attracted a lot of attention to him. The post has garnered over 1 million likes and lots of comments suggesting fans are more than eager to see it in action.

In addition, in early 2022, in an interview with the podcast “Inside of You”, Ackles suggested that he was creating a secret DCEU project. But he didn’t say anything else, because the American “didn’t want to jinx it.” Some sources suggest that this may mean that his manifestation of the Red Hood has finally become fruitful.

However, how true this is remains to be seen. Do you want a Winchester actor to play DC’s darkest antihero? Let us know in the comments below.


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