How Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship With Jennifer Garner Has Supposedly Developed Since She Married Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have had an exciting love story for two decades, but between their first romance and their recent revival and wedding, Affleck, of course, also had a high-profile relationship with Jennifer Garner for almost 15 years, and they have three children. her. While Bennifer lives happily ever after, Affleck balances his romance with Lopez and co-parenting with Garner. And, inevitably, their paths intersect, and, apparently, the relationship between them develops.

Past reports have claimed that two ladies in Ben Affleck’s life were cordial. However, the latest news is that Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner have apparently “struck up a new friendship” and are “really enjoying each other.” The report comes from a Us Weekly insider who also said Garner can’t “believe how cute” J.Lo is as they spend more time in each other’s circles.

It sounds like good news for mixed families, who, as previously reported, were “adjusted” and “united” just a couple of weeks ago, when Bennifer enters family life. Affleck and Garner have 16-year-old Violet, 13-year-old Serafina and 10-year-old Samuel, whom they are raising together after the divorce in 2017. Lopez has a 14-year-old twin, Emme. and Max with her ex-husband Mark Anthony, with whom she broke up in 2014.

Earlier this month, Lopez gave a lengthy interview to Vogue in which she praised Jennifer Garner for being a “wonderful parent” and said that she and Ben Affleck “work really well together.” As for her own children’s transition process, J.Lo said her twins have “so many feelings,” but “so far, so good.” The actress, singer and entrepreneur hopes Affleck will become a “new ally” in raising her children and give her a “different perspective” as a mother. And who knows, Jennifer Garner might do the same for her in some way if they really get close.

The resumption of the Bennifer affair began in early 2021, and about a year later the stars got engaged, officially announcing it in July in Vegas. The couple also held a second big wedding in Georgia next month. Garner didn’t attend their ceremony, but it wasn’t because of any sourness or lack of an invitation. Apparently, she was filming a project and couldn’t leave.

Ahead of Affleck finding love in Lopez, Garner, meanwhile, remained in a much more private four-year relationship with businessman John Miller. The “Spy” actress apparently “likes how little” Miller cares about being in the spotlight after her high-profile marriage to Affleck.

Of course, the families of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have something to adapt to. Also, both are still busy in Hollywood and both have exciting upcoming films in 2023 that we are looking forward to. Affleck will reprise his role as Batman in the films “Flash” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.” And before that, Lopez will play the main role in the romantic comedy “Shotgun Wedding” and the Netflix action movie “Mother”, which is expected in May this year.

Although they will have a lot of work with the press, they will definitely find time for their children, and Jennifer Garner will definitely lend them a helping hand. Time will tell how things are going with the trio, in particular how Garner and J.Lo reportedly continue to get along.


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