How J.Lo supported Britney Spears during Her Feud with Ex-Husband Kevin Federline


Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline, mostly stayed out of the public eye after the divorce in the early noughties and the subsequent custody drama. However, now that Spears is released from the aforementioned legal agreement, Federline has finally spoken out in a high-profile interview about his side of the story. During the conversation, he stated that their two sons, now in their teens, do not talk to Spears and are unhappy with her infamous nude photos on Instagram. This move caused a heated exchange online between the former couple, but Spears received unexpected support from her pop music colleague Jay Lo.

It all started with the fact that the singer “If U Seek Amy” expressed her right to independence, freedom and bodily autonomy in a recently deleted Instagram post — seemingly an excavation aimed at Kevin Federline’s comments. It also contained a hint of Jennifer Lopez, whom J.Lo herself posted on her Instagram stories, with a simple appeal to her contemporary to “stay strong.”

The JLo quote referred to by the “Circus” singer is taken from the documentary of the first “Halftime” (available for viewing to Netflix subscribers). It details the difficult path of the “Jenny from the Block” performer on her way to fame, but it mainly focuses on her 2019-2020 era, when she was preparing for the Super Bowl Halftime Show and coped with the hype around her famous Hustlers movie. Calling on every little girl to “louder,” the star emotionally described the role of her daughter Emma in the headlining performance, during which she sang in a cage. (An emphatic allusion to the struggle of Latinos on the US-Mexico border at the time.)

A cute moment of solidarity on social media with Britney Spears shows that the former Voice judge still has allies in her corner, and that list is apparently growing all the time. As can be seen from Spears’ wedding to Sam Asgari (who actually hit back at Kevin Federline for apparently benefiting from custody himself), many entertainment industry legends attended the wedding, even if her sons didn’t. Namely, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Drew Barrymore and others were there. Just like Selena Gomez, for whom Spears also created another heartfelt post on social networks, as well as another iconic “Selina”.

However, there was no shortage of negative reactions to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s social media content amid the feud. On the one hand, fans criticized the former backup dancer for posting a video recorded by their sons with their mother in an intimate, hot moment. On the contrary, Spears was criticized for her parenting style in the videos (in particular, for calling one of the boys “weird”) and for the way she later responded with her own post (i.e. only famous black rappers). Since then, however, the two exes seem to have come to an agreement to discuss things offline, with all of the aforementioned posts being deleted from their accounts.

This does not mean that the infamous Grammy winner no longer has any complaints about her treatment both before and after guardianship. (In fact, the singer called on everyone, from her mother to her sister and the Catholic Church, for certain of their actions.) She is currently suing her father/ex-conservative Jamie Spears. The latest documents in the case show that the patriarch is trying to print his daughter’s sealed medical records, which Spears’ lawyers said was a “new low” for Jamie, and that they challenged the move in court.

Alas, for all the legal and personal drama, love is still in the air. As it turned out, Jay Lo and Britney Spears have much more in common than just triple threat performers and defenders of justice, since both got married this year. In truth, Spears’ ceremony was more fabulous, while Lopez married her old love Ben Affleck in a secret escape from Vegas. You love seeing pop stars like Spears and Lopez team up!


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