How is the market for cloud games?


Streaming is a service that has changed the way many people watch TV, series and movies; now you can also change the way that several people play video games. This is because many companies invest in the format, betting on a trend for the not too distant future.

Today, there are many options for playing through the cloud. Major publishers, such as Sony and Microsoft, have dedicated services; however, there are others that bet all their chips, such as Google, but in a period that is not yet appropriate. Understand how the game streaming service is doing and what we can expect from it in the future.

Google “burned the start”

The first company to come up with everything in streaming games was Google. Stadia is a platform that runs cloud games through various devices, such as cell phones, PCs and TVs, charging only a monthly subscription of $ 10. It was launched in November 2019 in some countries, leaving Brazil out (and with no expected arrival).

What could have been an innovative success turned out to be a real fiasco, to the point that the company recently closed its game development studios for the platform. The reason is the lack of market enthusiasm for the cloud platform.

Much of this disappointment came when the service started operating. Many critics of the press, who tested the platform before reaching the public, had already signaled a series of problems, mainly with the response time in games, the famous delay. According to them, it is possible to notice a slowness when making movements with characters, especially in faster actions, which disadvantages gambling.

In addition, Google Stadia does not have a catalog as attractive as that of consoles and PCs. Some companies have even launched their multiplatform games on the service, such as Ubisoft, Warner and Activison. However, the quality cannot be compared to other devices.


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