How is the correct hardware determined by bottleneck test?


What is the bottleneck test, what are the ones to do with the batchproof problem in processors with the video card? Thanks to the test to make the correct hardware preference for games and applications, you will not go to waste your time and pay.

The hardware for the system can not always consist of expensive preferences. You can find out the continuation of our writing to be considered on the bottleneck test.

What is the bottleneck test?

For those who want strong performance and especially the processor and temporary memory such as play, it is a matter of bottlenecks should be considered to be considered.

In a computer, the processors and display cards must work in compliance with good results. A good screen card asks for a processor to meet him as a performance. If technological differences are formed between cards and processors, the bottleneck problem occurs.

Insufficient processor detection

You can take a simple step to perform a bottleneck test. You can review how CPU is spent playing the screen and processor performance.

If your processor uses more than your card (like 80 – 95 percent), this card is sufficient but your processor is insufficient. It can be seen between 40 and 65 percent for the place where the cards hold on the processor.

The bottleneck test is done to see if the processor and display cards meet each other. Always gathering computer with new models doesn’t mean positive results will be taken.

What does the bottleneck test do?

To test for bottleneck, you must first analyze your computer’s system. It is also extremely useful to follow the comments of those who apply these tests over social media.

To understand the properties of the computer and understand the hardware structure, right-click the computer / computer tab on the desk and select the “Properties” tab. You can see the brand and features of the processor and other hardware parts via the Device Manager.


When using this page, you must choose the temporary memory (RAM) capacity, video card model and processor type for the bottleneck calculation. After the calculation is made, the system will give you an estimated response.

The bottleneck test will also help you select compatible equipment on the computer that you will collect new as you see your system.


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