How is Fortnite after the Apple ban? Here is the result


The last weeks of August were very painful for the players. Fortnite was hit hard after the Apple ban decision. The report announced by Epic Games shows how the number of Fortnite players was affected after this dispute.

The game, which has a large player base on the Apple side, could not come out of this dispute in a very good condition.

Fortnite crashes after Apple ban

As a result of Fortnite’s removal from Apple app stores, there was a huge drop in the number of daily players. According to Epic Games, the daily number of Fortnite players on iOS has dropped by 60 percent. In order to experience such a big drop, an extraordinary situation must be experienced as it is now.

In the case between Apple and Epic Games, the court found both sides to be justified on a number of reasons. While Apple’s in-app purchase policies also apply to Fortnite, Epic Games’ violation of this policy puts Epic in an unfair position. Apple’s sanctions application for Unreal Engine was found to be wrong, the court described this sanction as excessive.

It seems that Fortnite will be helpless against the Apple ban. Unless Apple’s policy is adopted, we will not be able to play Fortnite on iOS. Against this, the sanctions for Unreal Engine seem to be lifted.

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