How is Asylum 15 in Fallout related to the NKR


According to Fallout: New Vegas, the New California Republic (NCR) is known as one of the largest factions in the Wasteland. They own territories in Oregon, Nevada and California, often providing protection for their citizens and regulating trade. Their laws, ideals and structure are based on the values of the old world, such as democracy.

However, before the NKR became as big as in Fallout: New Vegas, it had a very modest beginning. The faction would not exist if it were not for the existence of Shelter 15 and the circumstances that occurred there. It all started there, with a man named Arades.

History of the Asylum 15

Shelter 15 is a place that players could visit in the original Fallout and its sequel. Like all other Shelters, it was created with an eye to a social experiment, and the experiment of Shelter 15 was to bring together completely different people from the point of view of culture and ideology. The idea was to record their interaction.

As expected, the denizens of the shelter were quite divided, which caused most of the denizens of the shelter to leave. They split up and created different communities. One settlement, Shady Sands, was created using GECK Storage. Many others did not quite settle down, but became raiders with Snakes, Khans and Jackals. Some stayed in the Shelter itself, but it didn’t last long, as the vault was eventually attacked by raiders. The third level of the Shelter collapsed during the invasion of the raiders, and those who remained inside were either forced to leave or died. When Shelter 15 was captured by the Raiders, Shady Sands began to develop rapidly. When it began to form, leader Shady Sands, who came out of Shelter 15, began to create the NKR.

The NKR Uprising

Shady Sands leader Arades founded the settlement together with GECK in 2142. The small town became self-sufficient, but gradually opened up for trade. Eventually Arades will disappear and be considered dead, but not before he founded the NKR. He didn’t live to see the faction grow into a big force in the Wasteland, even though it grew up under the chairmanship of his daughter Thandi.

Shady Sands has become the capital of the NKR and one of its largest cities. By 2241, more than three thousand residents lived in the city, it became the headquarters of the NKR Congress Hall and the office of the President. His agriculture, which originally originated from GECK, transformed Shady Sands from a modest farming settlement into the largest populated city in New California.

However, the NKR has not forgotten about Asylum 15. The abandoned Shelter remained close to Shady Sands, and they wanted to excavate what had once been their founder’s home. However, the excavations turned out to be dangerous, as scavengers and raiders also wanted to get the rights to dig.

Conclusion of Asylum 15

The NKR temporarily abandoned the excavations, and when they returned, their old base was captured by squatters. These wastelands acted on behalf of the New Khans, who lied to them, saying that the vault was being repaired. To tell the truth, the raiders just wanted to mess with the NKR, not to let them dig up a Shelter. The new Khans were sworn enemies of the NKR, and at that time even a spy was introduced in the NKR Congress.

Tandi, the president of the NKR, when this happened, wanted to get computer parts from Shelter 15 for the NKR on purpose. In the events of Fallout 2, with the help of the Chosen One, the NKR made a deal with the inhabitants of the wastelands. Then the NKR successfully excavated Shelter 15, which completed the history of Shelter 15 and its connection with the NKR. During its existence, it has been home to many factions, including Khans, Jackals, Vipers, Wasteland Squatters and the NCR.

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