How is Animal Crossing Bug Off 2022 Different this Year


The Bug Off is one of the most reliable Animal Crossing events: New Horizons, which returns every summer to set the same goal for players — to catch bugs and earn prizes. Although the contest has been featured in many Animal Crossing games, from Wild World to New Leaf, its inclusion in New Horizons has been accompanied by several changes, such as the addition of the fan-favorite character Flick. The first Bug Off for the Northern Hemisphere in 2022 occurred on June 25, the fourth Saturday of the month, although new players who might have missed it still have a few months left to participate. What mistakes and prizes can they expect to find when they do?

For those players who are not familiar with Animal Crossing’s Bug Off event or are looking for refresher training ahead of the July competition, all players need to participate is to talk to Flick outside of Resident Services on the day of the event. They will then be given a timer for three minutes, during which they will be tasked with catching as many bugs as possible. These errors can be returned to Flick in exchange for points. Any bugs caught during the Bug Off day can also be sold at an increased price, as can Flick’s spontaneous visits to the island on days when there are no events. The points can then be exchanged for exclusive Animal Crossing furniture and clothing: New Horizons. There are even trophies to collect.

Considering that New Horizons 2.0 was the last major update for the game, nothing significant has changed between Bug Off 2021 and this year. The mechanics of the contest are the same as its prizes. Nintendo seems to keep the same Bug Off and Fishing Tourney awards year after year, perhaps that’s why players who just took New Horizons for the first time won’t feel left out. However, it seems shameful that no new items have been added to these events since the game’s release. However, Bug Off rewards can still be sold at a decent price, and the first round of participation is free, which means that there is no real harm in playing it this year.

What to do during the Animal Crossing 2022 Bug Off Event

It doesn’t matter which mistakes the players decide to catch during the Bug Off, as they all bring the same number of points. However, to prepare, it’s better to study the New Horizons 2022 summer bugs to see which ones are most common and where they can be detected. There are quite a few expensive bugs popping up in July, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, so at least players can stock up on supplies to prepare for the appearance of the Flick during Bug Off next month. Various deer beetles, for example, appear on trees during the summer months and can cost from 1,000 to 12,000 bells. They may not be easy to find during the competition itself, but being able to sell them on the day of the event is a great way for even the most experienced players to earn bells in Animal Crossing.

Although most dedicated New Horizons players have already collected all the Flick prizes, including all three trophies, Animal Crossing Bug Off is still worth playing. Whether it’s entertainment or monetary reward, the contest clearly does not pretend to be something new or exciting in 2022. Instead, it’s just one of the recurring events that Animal Crossing has become known for.: New Horizons. it looks like the holidays in the game. It is unlikely that something will change dramatically in the coming years, although perhaps the possible release of a new Animal Crossing game will significantly shake up the Bug Off.