How involved is George RR Martin in the new spin-offs


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, the last week has been pretty crazy. The show ended almost two years ago and was the most popular series of its time. Since then, HBO has tried to make a prequel, regretted it and started making another one, House of the Dragon.

In the last few days, we’ve received reliable reports that HBO is working on other Game of Thrones series, including one about Robert Baratheon, an adaptation of George RR Martin’s Tales of Dunk and Egg novels, and an animated drama.

Essentially, we are looking at a Game of Thrones Cinematic Universe. Leaving the fans to argue if that is good or bad, there are many questions to know: who is planning this? Is George RR Martin’s own brain involved in all this?

On the one hand, George RR Martin has made it clear that he is focusing a lot of attention on writing his next novel, the long-awaited sixth book in his series, essentially isolating himself completely from the rest of the news around us.

The author himself, admitted that he getting involved in Game of Thrones, wrote episodes for the first four seasons, slowed it down on that front, so I can’t see him jumping back on the production side.

On the other hand, we can’t help but notice that he has been strangely quiet about all of this news, and about House of the Dragon before that. George RR Martin is usually quite free with his opinions on his personal blog, but lately, there have been no comments on anything related to the series, despite the wave of information from HBO.

Maybe Martin is working with HBO to develop all this, and he just doesn’t say anything because the network has asked him not to until they know more; After all, HBO hasn’t officially confirmed any of the new spin-off reports, though that wouldn’t explain why Martin was silent in the face of big news like the House of the Dragon casting announcements.

Maybe Martin is just part of the team, working behind the scenes to build this great Game of Thrones Universe and maybe holding on to declare something very exciting until he has something official to say.


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