How I Met Your Mother: Josh Radnor talks about controversial ending of the series


How I Met Your Mother: The end of the CBS long sitcom series, How I Met Your Mother, was one of the most controversial episodes on American TV. Josh Radnor, the actor who starred in the comedy, has a theory as to why.

The series, which lasted from 2005 to 2014, had filmed its ending well in advance, since the actors who lived Ted’s children would grow old in real life. This means that the initial concept, in which the public would know the Mother shortly before discovering that she had died, was already embedded in the end.

Regarding the negative reaction of the fans, Radnor said: “Anger is an easier emotion than sadness. People were more comfortable being angry than sad. They were sad because their favorite show was ending and they were sad for not have finished the way they wanted “.

While it is likely that not all fans will agree with their interpretation of the events, almost all the big series finals of the past few years have been hotly debated among their fans, like Game of Thrones and Arrow.

However, many fans argue that the ending, which was written before the development of the series, no longer fit with the maturing of the plot and its characters. According to this theory, Ted being with Robin was what the audience wanted for the first three seasons, but as soon as she started a relationship with Barney, a good deal of the audience changed their minds.

Still others genuinely fell in love with her mother, Tracy, played by Cristin Milioti, making her sudden and tragic death seem like a concept that could have been better presented from the start.

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