How I Met Your Mother: 8 Best Stories from the Series According to Fans


In addition to being considered one of the best comfort series of all time, How I Met Your Mother has won a legion of fans by bringing stories from the funniest to the most emotional, ideally balancing drama with comedy in a journey that stops many unfortunately went fast.

Despite the episodes being based on the main proposal, namely, to present the real wife of Ted Mosby, the nine seasons are full of unforgettable arcs, with some being more legen… wait a little… daries than others.

See below the eight most iconic moments and arcs of How I Met Your Mother, according to a poll carried out on Reddit.

8. Bartenders Ted and Barney

In the 13th episode of Season 4, Barney and Ted star in one of the most disastrous and comical scenes of the series, when they become bartenders and take over a MacLaren’s drink table. The result could not be different and the total lack of skill of the two turns into a show of juggling and strange movements, all while enjoying the moment to grab a shot and make an unconventional dream come true.

7. The slap bet

It all started as a gamble to find out why Robin was afraid to go to the mall, and soon became a recurrent scene in the series, always having Barney as the great victim of the slaps. In total, the bet, which allows the winner to hit the loser in the face with all their might, resulted in a smack to Stinson’s face eight times from the end of season two.

6. Robin in Season 7

Season 7 of HIMYM highlights Robin as a denser character, adding an individual arc filled with dramatic moments. In the cycle, after betraying therapist Kevin — with whom she had been having a secure relationship — with Barney, Cobie Smulders’ character discovers that she cannot have children, and this gradually devastates her even more. Furthermore, she no longer counts on Ted’s friendship, as he distances himself after confessing his love for her and being rejected.

5. Barney lets down his guard

Known for being a man who “likes to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it happen”, Barney stands out for his strong and proud personality, with tendencies to be opportunistic and manipulative. However, during the 6th season, the character lets his guard down and starts to express feelings of vulnerability, with most of them being motivated by the absence of his father in childhood and by facing his traumas.

4. Time Travelers

Season 8’s episode 20 lives up to its name and is certainly one of the most traveled of the series, featuring a strange rhythm, but curiously capable of arousing deep emotions. While discussing whether or not to go to the Robots vs. Fighters event, Barney and Ted start to confront different versions of themselves located in time intervals relative to the number 20, and this phenomenon opens the way for remarkable reflections on the passage of life before their eyes.

3. The dynamics of couples in season 2

Reddit users called the 2nd season of How I Met Your Mother a “roller coaster”, in particular because of the new couple dynamics introduced by the script. While Lily and Marshall broke up, Ted was finally able to get closer to Robin and establish a less swinging romance compared to the previous season, something that results in an emotional breakdown that moves the entire group of friends.

2. Barney’s “Catch” Tactics

Before becoming a physical book and sold in major bookstores worldwide, Barney’s Playbook was a make-out guide used to summarize the main tactics of approaching the character. For those who enjoy his scenes, seeing him in action practicing all the lying strategies in various scenes, as there was in season five, is legendary.

1. Robin Sparkles

Exploring the mysterious past of sitcom characters is a sure-fire strategy to get the audience’s attention. And with Robin it was no different, especially as the person in the group known for putting his professional career ahead of all other areas of life. In fact, all the episodes with Robin Sparkles, Robin’s teenage alter ego, are excellent and a lot of fun, and show a little taste of what her behavior would be like if her story had been oriented towards pop music.


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