How I met your mom in a horror movie… it’s just HIMYM


A new image created using the DALL-E artificial intelligence tool turns “How I Met Your Mother” into a horror movie, but it’s almost the same show. “How I Met Your Mother”, first aired in 2005 on CBS, quickly became a hit among fans around the world thanks to its touching humor and unique plot. The show follows New York architect Ted Moseby (Josh Radnor), who tells his two children a long and complicated story about how he eventually met their mother. The show lasted 9 popular seasons before ending in several controversies in 2014.

Although the last episodes of the series aired almost 10 years ago, the fans’ love for How I met your mom is still strong. The spin-off show “How I Met Your Father” recently aired its first season on Hulu, and despite conflicting reviews, the return of several original cast members and various references to “How I Met Your Mother” made the show worth watching for fans of the original. show. In addition to Radnor, “How I Met Your Mom” has an outstanding cast, including Jason Segal, Neil Patrick Harris, Alison Hannigan and Cobie Smulders, who can also be seen in such MCU films as “The Avengers” and “Spider-Man: Far from Home.”

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In DALL-E’s new grid of images representing how “How I Met Your Mom” will look like a horror movie, the show is basically the same, except for some disturbing distortion of the main characters’ faces. The images, created by artificial intelligence, depict characters in what appears to be a Maclaren’s pub, drinking and chatting, with distorted faces giving everything a somewhat creepy shade. Take a look at the images below:

The DALL-E AI image creation tool has been spreading over the internet lately, and many users are trying to come up with a lot of strange and funny images using their keywords. “How I Met Your Mom” is very lighthearted, like most sitcoms, and it may seem that even such a powerful artificial intelligence tool as DALL-E is having difficulty when it comes to turning the series into a horror movie. However, the grid of images proves at least that “How I Met Your Mom” would be a much less carefree viewing if all the characters were wearing masks that distort their faces.

The popularity of the episodes of the series “How I met your father”, which feature the characters of the series “How I met your mother”, suggests that fans are still very fond of the original series. For example, meeting Robin Scherbatsky from Smulders and seeing her share wise words with Sophie Hilary Duff was a really nice moment and a reminder of how memorable the original show remains. While it’s unlikely that viewers will ever see the horror movie “How I Met Your Mom,” the latest generation of DALL-E suggests that, apart from the characters’ faces, little will change.