How I Met Your Father: HIMYM-derived series will have Hilary Duff


How I Met Your Father:The long-awaited spin-off of the How I Met Your Mother series, entitled How I Met Your Father, was commissioned by Hulu and will have Hilary Duff as its main star.

The CBS sitcom had 9 seasons and was extremely popular, making it one of the most watched comedies in recent decades. The idea of ​​a HIMYM spin-off has been talked about for some time, and it looks like now the project is finally going to happen.

The original series had Ted Mosby as the central character, who, during the seasons, told his children the story of his youth until he met their mother. The plot followed Ted and his five friends, who live in New York and seek love.

Comparable in style and structure to Friends, the series gained a large number of fans at the beginning and continued with success for a decade. However, the series’ surprising and complicated ending remains controversial to this day.

Now, a secondary series has been commissioned by Hulu. How I Met Your Father will have a first season with ten episodes starring Hilary Duff, who will play Sophie, one of several friends looking for love in the age of dating apps. However, it is not clear, so far, how the new plot will fit with the original production.

The actress will also act as producer of the series, working with Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, the duo who will lead the project. The original creators of How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, will serve as executive producers.

Debuting with ten episodes in streaming, the new show is already distancing itself from the original in style. That’s because the sitcom genre of adult friends has changed markedly since How I Met Your Mother, and it looks like the spin-off aims to keep up with the new times.

Stay tuned for the next details on How I Met Your Father!


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