How Human Sperm Moves Has Been Discovered


Scientists have found out how sperm actually moves using a 3D microscope and high-speed cameras. According to new findings, sperm moves much more irregularly.

It is said that every person comes to life as champion because it comes first among millions of sperm. So how do these sperms move? When the sperm is viewed under a microscope, it is seen that a eel swims in a similar way to its tail in water.

However, according to a new study, the event is not that simple. According to a report in Sciencemag, sperm swims much more irregularly. The researchers scanned human sperm samples with a 3D microscope and high-speed camera. The camera can track 20 to 30 swimming strokes per second.

How do the sperm move?

When viewed in two dimensions, the sperm shakes its tail left and right with symmetrical movements. In fact, reproductive cells are moving much more irregularly. According to the statement made by the research team, they actually shake their tails only in one direction, which we can easily see from the GIF above.

The research team said that this movement caused sperm to swim by circling, but they found a suitable way to take them forward. In this process called motion, the head of the sperm turns in one direction, while the tail turns in the opposite direction. In other words, while the Earth rotates around its own axis, it also moves in the orbit of the Sun. This auger-like movement, balanced in forward orbit, gives birth to symmetry illusion from asymmetry.

According to the research team, minor changes in sperm movement can affect fertility. It is stated that these findings obtained with the new research can facilitate new fertility treatments. It is even said to be used for the male contraceptive pill that targets sperm motility.

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