How His Survival Drama Caused Ryan Reynolds to Have Insomnia


Ryan Reynolds really got used to the image when he was working on the film. The actor we know has a carefree personality, and even his Marvel superhero character Deadpool has a humorous character trait. But when it comes to rather dark roles, it can also affect the actors behind the scenes. The research behind understanding such a role and bringing it to life on the big screen is quite a stressful process.

Buried was one of those Ryan Reynolds films. The director of the 2010 thriller/drama was Rodrigo Cortez, in which Reynolds plays the main role. The survival drama was written by Chris Sparling and received mostly positive reviews. It is shown that the action of the film takes place in Iraq, where at that time there was high activity of America, where both military and civilians were present. It also features Jose Perez, Steven Tobolowsky and Samantha Mathis.

How the Movie gave Ryan Reynolds Sleepless Nights

Ryan Reynolds once explained how on the set of the movie “Buried” he struggled with insomnia. After all, the role was stressful. He got rid of all this with bruises and spots, but agreed that the emotional burden was heavier. According to the source, the actor was in a state of increased emotional pain and anxiety for 17 consecutive days.

“I definitely struggled with insomnia when I was working on this film, and it was something new for me,” the actor said.

The feeling of being buried in a coffin can cause claustrophobia even in an actor. The pressure was greater, as he is the only person actually seen throughout the film. Any other cast involved is voice-only, making it a one-actor show.

The film revolves around an American truck driver in Iraq who is locked in a coffin with a phone and a lighter for his company. Ryan came out of the whole experience a completely different person. Despite all this, 6 Underground actors had a lot of shooting experience.


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