How has Lee Min Ho changed over time?


Lee Min Ho has evolved over time, he knows the transformation of the drama actor through his photographs.

Lee Minho is one of the most popular drama stars, he was named King of Hallyu after the success he had with Boys Over Flowers and other K-Dramas, since then he has conquered thousands of fans with his talent and physical attractiveness, which It has been transformed over the years.


The actor is characterized by his tanned skin tone, height, slanted eyes and a certain hair style, but it was not always like that, throughout his characters, he has shown different outfits and a different image, from the average young student, to the powerful profile of a prince, the years have not passed in vain, but not in terms of age, but now he looks like a manly and incredibly handsome man.

From his tender image as a teenager, he went through an evolution that was refining his features and features, his first years as an actor make him look like a totally different boy, but over time he acquired fame, fans and a great bearing. We leave you 10 photos that will make you travel back in time and remember Lee Minho’s best moments and that will show you his evolution over the years.



During his student and predebut days, Minho sported slightly chubby cheeks, his eyes weren’t so slanted.



Minho’s features were not as marked and his skin tone was more tan than it is today.

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With the passage of time, Minho evolved, his features became marked little by little and his hair style was changing.



By the time he became a young adult, his features stood out a bit more, having sharp cheeks and more slanted eyes.


New look

Minho gradually changed his hairstyle, even using the look that prevailed in South Korea in the early 2000s, his eyes were more slanted than before.



Boys Over Flowers

He rose to fame thanks to this drama and his iconic hair with curlers set a trend, in addition, his features looked much more mature.


Personal Taste

Minho began to mature and evolve, they acquired the manly profile of an average Korean man, his hair also changed in style.



With a more manly profile, Minho participated in a period drama and the hairstyle greatly highlighted his features and his tan.



As time passed, Minho transformed into a handsome, manly actor with a distinctive hair style, his features becoming even more refined.


The King

Currently, Minho looks much more mature, he looks amazing in his 30s, his features have sharpened, some even say he got his nose done, his hair is still the same as before, and he is still handsome and talented.


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