How has BLACKPINK’s Rosé changed over the years?


How has BLACKPINK’s Rosé evolved? Get to know the before and after of the singer, her transformation over the years.

The BLACKPINK member left her native Australia to fulfill her dream as a singer, although it was difficult to leave behind her life and her family, she is now a proud figure for her nation, as she has managed to triumph worldwide with BLACKPINK thanks to her Korean pop. The singer has experienced a series of physical, emotional and artistic changes over time.

Rosé is known for having a sweet and beautiful voice, which is why BLINK is looking forward to the idol’s solo debut, which YG promised would be after her comeback with “The Album”. Rosé’s style is between pink, dark and aesthetic, in each return she has modeled various outfits that BLINK has fallen in love with, she has also changed the tone of her hair to show it off in various shades.

Her unique style AND beauty made her the Global Ambassador for the luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent and she has had the opportunity to attend major fashion shows. From the beginning, Rosé showed unique characteristics, not only in her personality, but physically. From a baby, girl, teenager, to a young woman with dreams who managed to become a K-pop star.

If you want to know the evolution of Rosé, we leave you a list with 7 photos that show her transformation over the years.


The singer has built a great career with BLACKPINK, but has also set various trends in fashion.


When the singer was born, during the first months the only recognizable traits of the idol are her slanted eyes, like all babies she had chubby cheeks and short hair, but somehow she had an expression that is very familiar to the current one.

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As a child, Rosé kept her chubby cheeks, had black hair and slanted eyes, although little by little the features that she currently presents were beginning to define. He looked cheerful and showed the first signs of being a star.


In her teens, Rosé began to outline her face as we know it now, she kept her long black hair, she has always had the same complexion, although her cheeks were still a bit adorable. The singer left her home country to fulfill her dream.


When she matured and became a teen girl, Rosé already had a face that we know much more now, although her natural hair color was black, her slanted eyes, her mouth and her facial expression already characterized her. Her style back then was very fancy.

Idol debut

Finally when she made her debut with BLACKPINK she showed a very changed face due to the make up, she dyed her hair and said goodbye to her natural black hair. Her adorable cheeks returned and she began to wear a much more daring style.


After the first years of BLACKPINK, Rosé was characterized by having her red hair, a fashion trend that marked for a while. Her chubby cheeks remain a lovely personal hallmark. She has always tried to have her hair long and her style has been transforming.

The Album

In the middle of 2020, Rosé maintains a pastel pink color, with the same length that characterizes it. Her face has been further refined, she has consolidated her career with her colleagues and her style is much more aesthetic and e-girl.


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