How GTA 5 Ruined the NPC’s Happy Ending in Grand Theft Auto 4


The Grand Theft Auto V scenario is generally decent, but the destruction of the Marnie Allen arch from GTA IV using the Epsilon program is one of the biggest mistakes. Although this doesn’t really affect the main plot, it can still cause negative feelings among those who thought Marnie had done well in the previous game. As GTA 5 shows, Marnie moved from Liberty City to Los Santos and joined Chris Formidge’s religious cult, ruining her happy ending in the process.

In the Grand Theft Auto series of games, unfamiliar missions are a series of missions, usually quite short, involving a minor minor character. They usually have nothing to do with the rest of the story, but offer more things for the player and give the main character a new person to interact with. Marnie is one of these weird missions in GTA 4, presented as a sex worker with substance abuse problems. Like uncontrolled drunk driving in Grand Theft Auto 4, Marnie’s story shows the dangers of gullibility and addiction. Although Nico only meets her twice, her short arc is still quite effective.

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Nico’s meetings with Marnie help him to become human in many ways, even despite all the crimes and brutality that he commits in the main story. He sympathizes with her, gives her some money, gently refusing her advances, and helps her again later when she gets into trouble. It also helps that Marnie herself is kind, despite the difficulties she has faced. After her short arc ended, she even sent Nico an email to let him know that she had returned to her family and was going to college. She’s a character who brings out the best in Niko, showing his more empathetic and protective aspect. It also shows that despite Niko’s pre-GTA 4 background and criminal history, he is not completely incorrigible. This makes her short role in the story satisfying.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Needlessly Cancels Marnie’s Happy Ending in GTA 4

Unfortunately, Marnie returns to Grand Theft Auto 5, but she got worse. Despite the fact that she had previously studied psychology, it turned out that she had become a member of the Epsilon program, a cult that despises psychology and other medical practices. Despite the fact that cult leader Chris Formage was a fraud, Marnie seems to have really bought into the cult. As an Epsilon, Marnie introduces Michael to a program that basically consists of him paying money, doing hard work, and providing more wealth for Formage. In addition, the quest line doesn’t even seem satisfactory until Michael has a chance to rob Formage at the very end, which is a good example of how strange RDR2 missions are superior to GTA.

The collapse of Marnie’s hopeful future in GTA 4 seems unnecessarily unpleasant. If Rockstar was determined to make a storyline about cults, it didn’t need to involve a character that the player had already tried his best to help in the previous game. Instead, the player gets the feeling that his past efforts didn’t matter because the canon of the game determined that they were all in vain. Most of the time, people like to feel a sense of accomplishment after they have done something in the game, and their victory, which is counted, deprives them of it. The end result is an unnecessary gloominess, especially when you consider that GTA can already be too harsh at times.

Marnie Allen was never intended to be the main character, but her story deserves a better ending. Maybe she can go back to GTA 6 and get back on the right track, but it seems to be a long way. As it stands, the treatment of Marnie in Grand Theft Auto V was a senseless destruction of a decent character’s story.