How good or bad singleness feels to your zodiac sign


There are signs that have the ability to be alone and others that must be accompanied to feel whole. It is a reality that all people need to love and be loved, however, there are periods in life when, even if we do not want it, we will be single. It may be that love does not knock so easily on our door or that it is difficult for us to open our hearts to others for fear of being hurt.

It also often happens that singleness suits us so well that we think we do not need a partner to feel complete. Whatever the reason, each sign of the Zodiac receives singleness in a different way, but not everyone is favored. According to a ranking of the Black Horoscope site, this is how your sign triumphs (or not) when single.

Aries people live in the present and don’t care about the past, so being single is not a headache for them, in fact, they feel better alone. And it is that when they are in a couple they know that they must repress their impulses so as not to affect the relationship, on the contrary, when they are alone they feel free to express themselves as they wish.

Taurus often holds a lot of grudges when a relationship ends and that feeling lasts for a long time. When he is alone he spends his days trying to prove to the world that he is right. Singleness should be for this sign a moment of reflection.

Company, communication and honesty are very important qualities for Geminis, the detail is that not all signs have them. There are times when people are not ready to hear what you want to express since they do not share the same ideas. That is why singleness suits this sign because it knows that it can speak without consequences.

Cancer cares about people more than they should. When he’s in a relationship he goes out of his way to please and protect her, but when he’s single he sees for those close to him, so he doesn’t have time to see for himself. It is time to think only of you.

He needs someone to be praising him all day and tell him how much someone else cares, which is why singleness is not Leo’s friend. He is generous when he is in a relationship because he knows he has the complement that he needs so loneliness is not an option.

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Romantic dates can exhaust Virgo because it is difficult for people to understand their philosophy of life. In those moments is when he usually wonders if it is really worth dating someone, so when he is single he thinks that the world belongs to him and goes for everything.

When single the Libra scale is balanced, but it is not always like that. When you get out of a relationship you feel tormented because you think you could have done more to make it work and you will feel like you didn’t do enough. His head may not come out of the past and that is why he does not like being alone.

Although he seems like a cold person, the reality is that he lives love with great intensity, so when he is alone he does not have a good time. He is always looking for someone to make him feel good and that is why he jumps from one relationship to another. It is a sign that you must learn to be alone.

Sagittarius is happy to be single because they feel free, do what they want and move where they want without the ‘ties’ of a commitment. However, his adventurous instinct leads him to constantly fall in love.

Everyone says that it is a workaholic sign, however, Capricorn does not mind because he knows that his ambition pays him good results. That is why singleness fits him like a glove: he concentrates on what is really important to him.

When you are alone, your mind tends to have the most creative and innovative ideas so you are not worried about staying single. If love comes unexpectedly, you are not worried as long as it does not violate your independence.

Although it is a sign that lives in love and loves romance, it does not feel bad about being single. The love he has inside is shared with the people who need it most through volunteering, altruistic actions or helping family and friends.


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