How Glamorous Jenny Slatten Challenged the Groom’s 90-Day Franchise


Many relationships with an age difference in the 90-day Fiance franchise are doomed from the very beginning, but Jenny Slatten proved that you can never be too old to make your dream relationship a reality. Jenny and her partner Sumit Singh defied the odds on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way with their marriage. Jenny also continues to prove her worth to the critics of the “90-day groom”, because in her 60s she lives a better life.

American-born Jenny met Indian-born Sumit on the Internet and fell in love with him, despite the obvious red flag. In the first year of their relationship, Sumit introduced Jenny as “Mike Jones”. Sumit also did not tell Jenny, who is three decades older than him, that he is officially married. This led to Sumit and Jenny facing many problems when she visited him in India and he distorted the nature of their relationship with his parents. Sumit’s parents were also devastated to discover that their son was with an elderly American woman, and forbade Sumit to marry Jenny. His parents went so far as to threaten suicide if they got married.

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Many viewers thought that Jenny would never achieve her happy ending in the third season of The Other Way, as Sumit was determined to avoid marriage. However, Jenny defied numerous critics and played the wedding of her dreams at the age of 63. Sumit, who was 33 at the time, agreed to tie the knot with Jenny even without the approval of his parents. Jenny wowed fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise with her radiant and beautiful appearance during their wedding, when she donned traditional Indian clothes and turned her dream wedding into reality. The audience was delighted with Jenny’s beauty, as she finally found her happily ever after. The romantic success of the reality star made her unique to many critics who believed that a significant age difference between the couple would be a problem in their relationship.

Some viewers continued to doubt that the star of the “90-day groom” franchise, Jenny, would be happy in the long run, since Sumit still hadn’t told his parents about their wedding by the time of “The Speaker.” However, Jenny once again made it clear that she defied the odds for her dream life in later years and made her marriage work despite Sumit’s parents. Meanwhile, Jenny has completely changed physically since she tied the knot. The star of the “90-day groom” lost weight and showed a new gorgeous style on social networks. Jenny glows with happiness and self-confidence when she starts a family life with Sumit.

Since Jenny is three decades older than Sumit, many fans of the 90-day-old groom believed that he would never devote himself to her. However, Sumit’s love for Jenny defied any preconceptions about age. Jenny proved that her relationship with Sumit is real and that she deserves her dreams to come true, regardless of age. Jenny and Sumit are now among the most successful relationships with an age difference in the expanded 90 Day Fiancé franchise, which clearly shows that their marriage will withstand any obstacles.