How Fallout 4 Minutemen Could Be the Coolest Faction


Fallout 4’s most controversial faction is the Minutemen, but a simple change would make them the coolest faction in the game. Many fans of “Minutemen” are bored because of their lifelessness, despite the interesting premise that this is a faction that the player creates from scratch and has full control over it from the very beginning. The problem is that the game doesn’t expand this as much as it could. Of course, this is the solution that can make the minutemen the coolest of the four factions.

The idea of the “Minutemen” is that they are an organized militia of settlements that agree to cover each other from the back. Unlike factions with similar attitudes in past games, such as the NCR or Caesar’s Legion in New Vegas, the Minutemen are not necessarily a governing body, but rather a mutual aid organization designed to protect settlements from raiders and other threats. However, due to corruption in the ranks and a string of heavy losses, the Minutemen have been reduced to one soldier, Preston Garvey’s companion, by the time the player encounters them.

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If the player saves Preston, the sole survivor is tasked with restoring the Minutemen as a general. However, the faction drew criticism for its lack of a special character even after it had fully regained its former glory. It’s a shame, because one change in the existing faction game cycle would make the Minutemen the coolest faction in the Commonwealth.

The Minutemen had to assign a more active role to the recruiting settlements.

What made the faction dynamics work in In New Vegas, one of the secret tools that even Todd Howard praised her and Obsidian for, is that the potential of each faction is fully revealed as soon as the player joins them. Joining the NKR leads to a completely different experience than joining the Legion. Providing settlements to the Sole Survivor plays a big role in the story, and the faction will basically lead to a completely different course of the game.

Many of the settlers in Fallout 4 have real names, history, and quests associated with them. Fallout 4 could have gone even further by allowing the player to choose settlers to hire as officers so that the chain of command would not collapse in the event of their death. One of the reasons why fans are more interested in New Vegas 2 than Fallout 5 is that the player’s choice in the New Vegas game gives much more than in Fallout 4. This change will make every choice important, as well as who the rookie minutemen player is. will affect how they affect the wasteland, and how successful they are this time.

As with the rest of Fallout 4, in order to make Minutemen truly interesting, the foundation was laid. Unlike New Vegas, where the factions are already well known long before the player appears, this will be something that the player will build out of nothing. With a small expansion of what was already there, the Minutemen could become the coolest and most interesting faction in Fallout 4.


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