How every HIMYM character Can Appear in Season 2 of “How I Met Your Father”


Season 2 of “How I Met Your Father” is already set up to easily feature cameos from the original HIMYM characters. As a by-product of “How I Met Your Mom,” set in the same universe, the question of how Sophie’s story would relate to Ted’s story became one of the biggest questions leading up to “How I Met Your Dad.” However, immediately “How I Met Your Father” made indirect references to favorite original characters, and some HIMYM actors even returned in the first season of the spin-off.

The first appearance of the HIMYM character occurred in the 9th episode of the 1st season “How I met your Father”, when the Future Sophie remembered the story of the divorce of an “elderly couple with boat breaks”. Unsurprisingly, for HIMYM fans, this couple turned out to be George “Captain” Van Smoot (Kyle McLachlan) and his wife Becky (Laura Bell Bundy), also known as “Boats, Boats, Boats”. The last appearances of the Captain and Becky in season 9 of HIMYM showed that they got married, but almost ten years later the couple divorced because of the Captain’s infidelities. Their connection to Sophie’s story will be revealed in the finale of the first season of How I Met Your Father, as the captain owned a boat that Ian, Sophie’s date with Tinder, was working on in Australia. The season one finale of “How I Met Your Father” brought back Robin Scherbatsky from HIMYM (Cobie Smulders) when she met Sophie at Maclaren’s pub, where bartender Carl (Joe Nieves) was still serving drinks.

After four cameos of HIMYM characters in season 1 of “How I Met Your Father”, there is a growing expectation of how the unseen Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Tracy may return in season 2 of “How I Met Your Father”. aiming for a cameo, the beloved character still has various ways to become a guest star again in season 2. While it’s unlikely that all six figures will return in the next installment, here’s a breakdown of how each of HIMYM’s main characters might appear in How I Met Your Father Season 2.

Ted Mosby

As the protagonist of HIMYM, the return of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) in “How I Met Your Father” makes the most sense. Although it is unclear whether the second season of How I Met Your Father will have a time transition to late 2022 or early 2023, it is known that Ted Mosby is still working and living in New York during this time period. Presumably Ted is still an architecture professor in the “How I Met Your Father” timeline, which suggests one of the characters may have taken his class or bumped into him on campus. For example, when Ted mistakenly came to teach economics at HIMYM, one of the characters in “How I Met Your Father” could accidentally attend one of his lectures on architecture, and not the lesson they were going to attend. Alternatively, Ted and Jesse may accidentally meet at a bar in the second season of How I Met Your Father, and the two will repeat the circumstances of Sophie and Robin’s conversation in Maclaren’s pub about love in the first season.

Marshall Eriksen

Although Marshall Eriksen (Jason Siegel) did not appear in a cameo role in the first season of “How I Met Your Father”, he was indirectly mentioned during the pilot episode of the spin-off. How I Met Your Father reveals that Jesse and Sid are now living in Marshall, Lily and Ted’s old apartment. Jesse explained that Marshall and Lily wrote about the apartment on the Wesleyan alumni page, which allows the couple and Ted to appear together with Jesse and Sid at the Wesleyan alumni event. As a judge of the New York Supreme Court in the future timeline of HIMYM, Marshall could also play a role in the second season of the TV series “How I Met Your Father” if the characters have problems with the law.

Lily Aldrin

Similar to the circumstances of Marshall’s return, Lily Aldrin (Alison Hannigan) may play a cameo role in the second season of “How I Met Your Father” thanks to her connections with Jesse and Sid at Wesleyan University. If Lily and Marshall still own the apartment, then they may also appear as Jesse and Sid’s landlords, who will return to solve the problem with this place, possibly solving another infection of HIMYM with “cocaamuses”. The ending of the first season of “How I Met Your Father” also allowed Lily Aldrin to play a cameo role in the next issue thanks to her connections in the art world. Lily was an art consultant on the HIMYM finale, suggesting that she would continue to be an integral part of the New York art scene during the “How I Met Your Father” timeline. Since in the finale of season 1, one of her photos was first exhibited in an art gallery, in season 2, “How I Met Your Father,” Lily may try to buy one of Sophie’s paintings or exhibit one of her works at an art show.

Barney Stinson

Early theories about Barney Stinson’s (Neil Patrick Harris) “How I Met Your Father” cameo suggested he would appear as a one-night stand for Sophie, but that wouldn’t necessarily fit with his HIMYM ending, in which he favored fatherhood over womanizing.