How Dungeons and Dragons 6E Can Improve Artificer 5E Class


While the playing style of most Dungeons & Dragons classes can only be determined by their names, the Craftsman doesn’t exactly wear his abilities on his sleeve. Unlike the Wizard’s spell masters or the dexterous Rogue, the Craftsman is a strange combination of technology and magic, creating a unique experience that cannot be replaced by other classes.

No matter how unique Artificer is, there is always room for improvement as the development of Dungeons & Dragons 6E continues and hopes to open a new era of the classic board game. This can be achieved through direct customization of the Artificer class itself, as well as some encouraging new features that the next edition may introduce into the main gameplay.

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Craftsman’s Infusions in 6E

The ability to fill items is perhaps the most impressive ability that Artisans possess, acting as a defining aspect of the class compared to others in Dungeons & Dragons. As a rule, they can cast small spells on ordinary items, including weapons, clothing and armor. This can make a high-level craftsman an impressive addition to any group, as he can maintain certain buffs on himself and other members of his adventurer group. And that’s not going too deep into the ability to completely copy magic items.

Among the various Craftsman infusions that can give flight, strength, or defense abilities, the ability to copy magical items is by far the most impressive of these capabilities. The ability to craft items such as a Belt of Gigantic Power, a Storage Bag, or an Elonna Quiver almost becomes a necessary choice for any Craftsman looking for the greatest utility from his class. However, this reveals a balance problem when there is such a powerful filling that it becomes the “right” choice among other powerful D&D charms available.

A simple solution to this problem might be to include certain magic item recipes in one of the Craftsman subclasses to make the choice less obvious. In addition, the expansion of these infusions may also allow players to have better access to some magical equipment without depending on the grace of the Master’s decision about its availability. Of course, there should still be some heavy balance between the necessary items needed to craft some of these enchanted magic items, but being able to become magic suppliers for the adventurer squad can add much-needed depth to the class.

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Firearms in Dungeons & Dragons 6E

Since the Craftsman class is a newer addition to the current D&D release, it is one of the few classes with similarities to firearms that have since been added to the game. At the moment, however, firearms are almost at the same level as those created by D&D Homebrew players, in fact, at the discretion of the DM, whether these weapons will be available at all in a particular campaign. In this case, switching from the 5th edition to the 6th edition may provide an opportunity to better promote this particular type of weapon, perhaps even expanding the Craftsman class with it.

By including firearms in the main weapon of D&D 6E development, the Craftsman can become one of the few classes that own this type of technology. The Artisan Gunner subclass even has a plan for different levels of firearms with a framework for how to summon cannons and create “firearms” from arcane tricks. The introduction of some elements of this framework from the Craftsman class with an existing pistol and musket can become the basis for both improving firearms in 6E and giving the class more reason to own these weapons.

In addition to the Craftsman class, changes to firearms can reinvent other classes that have excelled in ranged combat, such as the Ranger from D&D. It could also make room for entirely new classes and subclasses that explicitly use firearms in addition to the simpler way that current Artisans have an optional gun-handling skill. This is one of many weapon upgrades that can make impressive improvements to D&D by better defining different weapon classes and how they behave in the hands of certain character classes, such as the Inventor.

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