How Duchess Kate’s style was influenced by the use of color by Queen Elizabeth II and other fashion decisions


The Queen is in training! According to royal expert Bethan Holt, Duchess Kate’s style was strongly influenced by Queen Elizabeth II.

Holt explained that the 40-year-old Duchess uses color and “various symbols to send messages,” similar to how the 96-year-old monarch has been doing with her wardrobe for decades.

“Kate’s love of skirts largely came from the Queen,” the author told us, noting that Her Majesty is “famously” known for “not liking women in trousers so much.”

Although Kate, who is married to Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince William, in most cases “refused” to wear skirts or dresses, she still “received a lot of advice from the Queen,” Holt added.

“The new generation [of royals] … they are very aware of the Queen’s legacy,” explained the author of the book “The Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style,” noting that Kate’s wardrobe was “inspired” by the queen.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth, who has been sitting on the British throne for 70 years, does not always wear designer outfits, Holt noted that she became “an example of someone who created completely her own image.”

According to the expert, the royal matriarchy can be recognized “a mile away” because it “does not look like anyone.” “She’s minding her own business. She sticks to it.”

Holt told Us that both Kate and Meghan Markle, who is married to Prince Harry, paid attention to their mother-in-law when it came to repurposing ensembles.

“She wore thousands of outfits. I can’t even call it a number because it’s just a phenomenal number of outfits,” the Telegraph’s fashion news director said of Elizabeth. “At the same time, when you look back at all these photos from the 70s, 80s, you see a lot of repetitions.”

While fans of the British royal family are “so excited” when the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess of Sussex, 40, “wear the same jeans twice,” Holt revealed that “this is something Elizabeth has been doing for a very long time.”.

In addition to the colorful images of the queen and perfectly matched accessories, Kate has always honored her husband’s grandmother with her outfits.

For example, during a tour of a married couple from Cambridge in the Caribbean last month, the author of the book Hold Still wore on her bodice the royal family Order of Queen Elizabeth, which depicts a portrait of the monarch. Kate also borrowed the Queen’s earrings and bracelet for the occasion.

To learn more about the style of Queen Elizabeth II, check out Holt’s new book “The Queen: 70 years of majestic style”, which is already available on the shelves.