How does Single’s Day, Chinese Black Friday work?


Virtually everyone knows the traditional Black Friday, but few are those who know the so-called “Chinese Black Friday”, an event of offers and promotions that has attracted the attention of consumers.

Understand the origin of this event and how you can take advantage.

What is Chinese Black Friday?

This early Black Friday comes from a Chinese celebration called Single’s Day (“Singles Day”, in Portuguese) and takes place annually on November 11 (11/11). The day is important because the number 11 represents, for the local culture, a person alone – or a bachelor.

When the first editions of Singles’ Day began, at the University of Nanjing in 1993, the day was celebrated with festivals, concerts and other forms of entertainment. The big goal of the date was to offer an opportunity for singles (especially boys) to find a romantic couple, even providing blind dates.

Over time, retailers began to see Single’s Day as a great opportunity to increase sales and soon began to associate the date with a period of great promotions. The event ended up becoming an anticipated Black Friday, although the name “Chinese Black Friday” was a Western invention to refer to this celebration.

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