How does Overwatch work on CS: GO?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an FPS developed by Valve that has a Surveillance system (or Overwatch) to help regulate the community. Through this, qualified and experienced players (the “Investigators”) analyze reports of undue behavior. If Investigators confirm that an infraction has indeed occurred, Overwatch will apply a ban proportional to the seriousness of the infraction and considering the player’s history. See below for more details on how this system works and the criteria for participating.


Investigators watch eight rounds of the reported match, and then decide on a verdict. Each charge can be defined as “insufficient evidence”, “guilty without a doubt”, or have the analysis postponed to a future date. If a complaint receives a unanimous verdict, the case will be closed and all decisions will determine the final result. If the complaint is found to be inconclusive or has insufficient evidence, the case will be excluded.

Becoming an Investigator

According to Steam Support, the best way to become an Investigator is to play a lot of games in competitive mode. Players will be selected based on factors such as competitive games, account age, game hours, skill group and low number of complaints. If it meets the requirements, the player will receive cases to analyze, and may earn an XP reward. This will be proportional to the accuracy of recent verdicts, adjusted by the Overwatch Investigator score.

How does Overwatch score work?

The Overwatch score represents an Investigator’s competence to consistently judge the cases received. It will be positive if the player agrees with the majority of the verdicts in the same complaint, and negative if the player is a minority. A better scoring player will have greater influence when expressing his opinion in relation to other Investigators whose score is lower. Community members who are more active and have high scores will receive more cases. To remain in the “position”, the player must have an active presence in a skill group.

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