How does Kenan Thompson Reportedly Feel About His SNL Co-star Chris Reed Dating His Ex-Wife


They got married back in 2011.

When Kenan Thompson filed for divorce from his longtime wife Christina Evangeline back in June, it didn’t attract too many headlines other than the initial announcement. People get divorced all the time in Hollywood, but when news broke a few weeks ago that she was reportedly dating his SNL co-star Chris Redd, the general public became much more interested. There are a few things people like to talk about more than a messy breakup, but if recent reports are to be believed, this breakup is much less messy than it seems on paper.

US Weekly spoke to an insider close to the estranged couple, who said there is no drama going on behind the scenes. It is reported that Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline have been separated for almost two years and are raising children without any problems. Obviously, she has known Chris Redd for many years and is “the happiest she’s ever been.” Obviously, he meets with other people and “wishes her happiness.”

Initially, there were rumors of friction between longtime co-stars Redd and Thompson due to a new relationship. A little unexpectedly in September, Redd announced that he was leaving “Saturday Night Live” after five seasons. Since the other actors also left in the summer, most thought it was due to a bigger shake-up, but when news broke about his relationship with Evangeline, there was widespread speculation that it was related. However, according to the same source, there are no disagreements. Redd just had conflicting projects that caused scheduling problems. He is allegedly still “close” with the remaining cast of SNL.

In addition to these comments from the alleged insider, there have been others over the past few weeks who have spoken out, in particular, about Thompson and Evangeline. They said the former couple get along well and are working together to share custody of their two daughters. The family is reportedly still spending the holidays together, and there was even a story about Evangeline watching the Emmy Awards with her children to support Thompson, who was hosting the annual event.

Unlike Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson returned to “Saturday Night Live” in its twentieth season. Season 48 started two weeks ago, and it has some interesting future presenters. He said he plans to stay at least through the show’s upcoming 50th season, where we’re expected to see celebrations and probably at least one reunion episode in which most of the beloved former actors will return. Considering how popular and attended the 40th anniversary show was, I was expecting a larger version of the same.

Neither Thompson nor Evangeline are particularly known for making headlines about their personal lives. They’ve both been pretty quiet about their breakup so far, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to get back to a quiet life when this news cycle is over.


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