How Does Covid-19 Vaccine Affect the Crypto Market?

Cropped image of young business lady showing her bitcoins in hands.

Bitcoin supporter Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Father”, made statements on his Twitter account about the discovery of the much-anticipated Covid-19 vaccine and its relationship to the markets.

Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin Will Crash

Robert Kiyosaki said that if the vaccine is found, Bitcoin and reliable port investments will collapse:

“What happens when the pandemic vaccine is validated? Gold silver Bitcoin will collapse. This means an opportunity to buy. The real problem is NOT Pandemic. The real problem is the enormous amounts of US debt. The USA went bankrupt. He has 28 trillion dollars balance sheet debt. There are $ 120 trillion off-balance sheet social liabilities. Gold, silver and Bitcoin are the best long term investments. ”

Millennials in Difficult Situation

Bitcoin supporter Kiyosaki listed the course of the markets and the importance of Bitcoin in the face of this situation and talked about the following:

“Q: What has the school taught you about money? A: JP Morgan, “Gold is money; everything else is credit. ” Add silver and bitcoin next to gold. We have something to learn from JP Morgan.

The old generation we call the BOOMER generation was easy. Lots of jobs – low cost real estate – rising stock markets. The MILLENNIUM generation is in a difficult situation. The 9/11 crisis, the 2008 real estate crash – now Covid-19. There is good news, too. It’s like Generation Y is tech savvy. Bitcoin-Blockchain-Digital currencies provide Gen Y a good start into the future. ”

Well-known Bitcoin (BTC) supporter Robert Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin, silver and gold make smart people richer, while Peter Schiff said CNBC has warned against silver investors.

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Kiyosaki, investment guru and author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” said it was the “corrupt Fed” that brought together former gold investors and young Bitcoin fans. According to Kiyosaki, the US Federal Reserve works for Wall Street, not for the public good. So, according to him, Bitcoin, gold and silver (which he previously referred to as an inflation hedge) make smart people richer and stronger against the Fed.


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