How does approach payment work?


The pandemic of the new coronavirus caused many habits to be rethought and profoundly changed the way society consumes and interacts. For fear of contamination, less and less the use of cash is used and the volume of payments made via credit card and payment by approximation grows.

In April 2020, the consultancy Kantar in partnership with Visa released a study that points out that 41% of consumers prefer to use debit and credit cards during the pandemic. A survey by RTi Research, carried out in the United States, showed that in March of this year, 30% of consumers used an approach payment method for the first time and 70% of them approved the method. The study carried out by Mastercard in 2020 found that contactless transactions grew twice as fast as regular transactions in the grocery and drugstore categories during February and March. According to the company, 79% of respondents worldwide have opted for contactless payments, citing security and cleanliness as key factors.

How to use?

Paying for an approach purchase is easy. A debit or credit card that has the technology can be used, or through a smartphone, smartwatch or bracelet that has NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled.

To check if your card offers this option, look for the symbol that looks like the wifi icon on the side. The merchant’s machine will also have the symbol above the screen, identifying the possibility of payment by approach.

The limit for purchases follows the value established by the consumer’s card, but some cards establish limits for the use of the password. Nubank, for example, allows purchases up to R $ 50 to be made by approximation without the need for the customer’s password. Above this value, it is necessary to touch the machine to complete the transaction.

Even if the credit or debit card does not offer the possibility of contactless purchase, it is possible to use a smartphone to perform the operation. Google Pay, for Android users, and Apple Pay, for iOS users, can be used on smartphones that have NFC technology. Simply download the application and include the desired credit card, following the instructions.

With the card registered, just activate the NFC function of the cell phone or smartwatch and bring it closer to the establishment’s card machine. If approved, the purchase will be made and a notice will be sent to your device. If the purchase price exceeds the limit established by the company, it will be necessary to enter the password.

Facilities and security

Some cities, such as São Paulo, for example, already allow payment by approach on certain bus lines. As the value of the ticket in general does not require the use of a password, this makes boarding faster and the user does not have to worry about having the fare money or the specific card to board.

Although safe, this method requires some care from the user. During Carnival in Brazil, for example, some operators recommended that customers disable the approach payment function. Because, in case of card loss or theft, purchases under R $ 50 could be made without the need for a password.


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