How Do You Play? and “Home Alone” Top Reputation Lists


How Do You Play? MBC and Home Alone have topped the reputation charts.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has revealed that How Do You Play? MBC and Home Alone have led the brand image lists, obtaining 10,745,594 and 10,438,180 points respectively.

Check out the TOP 10 below:

How Do You Play?

Home Alone

Love call center

My Ugly Duckling

Balsam school

Ask Us Anything

The Manager

Radio star

Voice Trot

Wife’s Taste

Check out the fan comments below:

I Live Alone is amazing, even compared to the latest SSAK3 craze, this regularly airing eighth-year show is a bit late. Park Na-rae deserves another grand prize from the MBC variety show. Hwasa deserves the Excellence Award again this year.

Oh, I started watching Do You Play on SSAK3 ~ ❤

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