How do you know if you are blocked on Telegram?

As everywhere, on the subject of social networks (and relationships) there is a non-verbal language of actions and gestures that speaks for itself. If someone silences you on, for example, Twitter, it means that they do not want / can not unfollow you, but they are also not interested in your opinion, comments or publications, and the same on Instagram. But if things go further, if that contact levels up and blocks you, the situation is more serious.

Blocked on Telegram

And the thing is that nothing is more significant than the fact that they release you a ‘block’. Because a block is a sign that that contact does not want to see, hear, or read you. On platforms and applications like WhatsApp there are ways to detect if a contact has carried out this action, and on Telegram, WhatsApp’s number 1 rival, too. Take a look at these 5 clues to get an idea of ​​it:

1. There is no “Last Seen” or “Online” status.

When you block a contact on Telegram, they can no longer see your status updates. In other words, you will no longer be able to read the messages below the name that indicates when you are online and when you last used the app.

For that reason, if the status updates of any contact on your list are no longer visible to you and there is only a message like ‘Seen long ago’, this may be an indication that your friend has blocked you on the messenger.

2. The contact’s photo is not displayed

As in the previous point, the contacts you have blocked also lose access to part of your profile information in the messaging application, which includes the photo used in the app’s profile. Therefore, another way to know if your friend has blocked you on Telegram is to see if the photo of him, which was previously visible to you, has been replaced by the respective initials of the contact’s name.

3. The contact is not receiving messages

When a contact is blocked on Telegram, the messages they send no longer reach you. Therefore, this is also a way to find out if someone has blocked you in the app. If you suspect that the contact has blocked you, go to chat and send a message. If you only receive the confirmation of the sending of the message, which is represented by a tick, and never the receipt of it (which is two ticks), it may be that the block has been released.

4. Video and voice call not completed

Another way to find out if someone has blocked you is to make calls to the person in question. If you suspect that your friend has blocked you, call him through the Telegram application. If the call doesn’t complete or displays a privacy notice, you know what may have happened.

5. Person is unresponsive and there is no “account deleted” notice

Telegram allows users to delete their messaging accounts, which implies permanently deleting all messages and content exchanged with friends by the application. When a contact deletes their Telegram account, the chat shows an ‘Account Deleted’ notice for those who were chatting with the deleted profile.

Therefore, if one of your contacts does not respond or is no longer receiving your messages, if you can no longer see their status updates and profile photo, and if the ‘Account deleted’ notice does not appear, it is very likely that you have blocked.



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