How do you install the new version of Windows 11 before everyone else?


We explained how you can install Windows 11 Preview Build 22463, which was offered to users as of yesterday, before anyone else.


Windows 11, which has not yet been officially released by Microsoft, has started to be installed by users in various ways. To install Windows 11, whose full version is expected to be released on October 5, 2021, before everyone else, you need to be included in the Windows Insider program.

Windows Insider is a development chart that enables users to get the latest features for Microsoft operating systems before anyone else. In this way, both users can access future versions in advance, and Microsoft can detect errors in these versions without presenting them to the end user.

Getting into the Windows Insider program is easy

First of all, the first thing you need to do is to determine whether your computer is compatible with Windows 11. For this, you need to install the Windows PC Health Check application published by Microsoft. This application detects whether your computer is suitable for installing Windows 11. You can download and install the PC Health Check application by clicking here.

If you receive a warning after installation that your motherboard does not support TPM 2.0, you may need to check your motherboard manufacturer’s website. On some TPM 2.0 supported motherboards, this feature may be turned off by default. You have to follow the necessary instructions on the BIOS screen and activate this feature. Thus, you can make your computer eligible for upgrading to Windows 11.

After turning on your motherboard’s TPM 2.0 support and getting approval from the PC Health Check application, you can continue the process. At this stage, the first thing you need to do is to register for the Windows Insider program by clicking here. You need to log in to your Microsoft account that you use on your Windows 10 computer by clicking the Log In button on the page that opens.

After logging in, Microsoft will automatically redirect you to the previous window. When you scroll down a little bit of the page, you will see a phrase like the one you see above. At this stage, you need to say Open Settings and after the warning, click the Open the application called Settings button.

After clicking the Start button on the incoming page, you will see a window like the one above. You can install Windows 11 Preview Build 22463, the latest released version, by selecting the Development Channel. If you choose the Beta Channel option, you will have installed the stable version 22000.194 on your computer, which has fewer errors.

After selecting the desired option and confirming, you will be asked to restart your computer. After your PC boots up, all you have to do is click the Start menu, go to Settings > Update & Security and click the Check for Updates button.

At this stage, the latest Windows 11 version will start downloading to your computer according to the Windows Insider program you have chosen, and after the computer restarts, the operating system will enter the installation phase.

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