How do we want to be imprisoned at the beginning of TES 6


At the beginning of almost every Elder Scrolls game, the main character is a prisoner, and Elder Scrolls 6 can continue this trend after release. The main character of the second game, Daggerfall, is the only one who, for one reason or another, does not start the game in irons. This is one of the most outstanding traditions of the series, which has great potential when it comes to introducing new themes and storylines for Elder Scrolls 6.

At the beginning of the first ever game in The Elder Scrolls series, Arena, the player character is thrown into prison by Jagar Tarn, who has assumed the identity of the Emperor of Tamriel, Uriel Septim VII. In Morrowind, the main character is a prisoner of unknown origin, released by Uriel Septim VII eight years before the start of the Arena. In Oblivion, the historical Septim dynasty from The Elder Scrolls came to an end partly due to the actions of one prisoner in the dungeons of the Imperial Prison, to whom Uriel Septim VII entrusted the Amulet of Kings just before his murder. In Skyrim, players take on the role of another unknown prisoner who, along with several rebels of the Storm Brothers, was captured by the Imperial Legion and saved from execution by the dragon Alduin.

There are several options for how the main character of Elder Scrolls 6 can be imprisoned at the beginning of the game. It’s also possible that it will break the trend and free the main character, but that seems unlikely considering it’s such a long-standing tradition. It could also help deepen the mechanics of character creation; if Bethesda allows players to choose the backstory of their characters and the crimes they committed, TES6 will be able to accept the complexity, while Skyrim and Oblivion were too simple and left their main characters’ stories empty. At the same time, he is very suitable for role—playing, but if TES6 had formed its character correctly — and perhaps borrowed the choice of background that Bethesda recently demonstrated for Starfield – then it could have been even better than if its main characters were blank sheets.

Players may turn out to be Pirates in Elder Scrolls 6

One of the biggest rumors surrounding Elder Scrolls 6 at the moment is that the action takes place in Hammerfell, a country teeming with sailors. The mechanics of sailing are another big rumor, and together they point to the possibility that the main character was a prisoner of a pirate gang at the beginning of TES6, or perhaps a pirate himself captured by the country’s authorities. There are many reasons why pirates could imprison the main character, especially if the origin system is used in Elder Scrolls 6. They may have hidden on their ship and been captured, held for ransom, or forced to work as a crew member. If it’s a pirate captured by the Hammerfell government, then the reasons for incarceration will be pretty obvious and may not have that flexibility with the origin system.

The initial quest associated with the capture by pirates has a wide range of possibilities. It can start on a ship either in the open ocean or in a port, and both have their advantages. Escaping from the brig and capturing the ship can be a great way to introduce players to the mechanics of sailing and give them more freedom in terms of further actions. If Elder Scrolls 6 has a Skyrim survival mode, managing food and water on board a ship with a limited amount of both can also serve as a good introduction and help them adjust. If the main character is a pirate himself, then escaping from the law and trying to reunite with his former team can also be an exciting first arc in the history of Elder Scrolls 6.

Players can become prisoners of High Rock in Elder Scrolls 6

According to rumors, the location of Elder Scrolls 6 is High Rock, the land of the Bretons. The region has long been overshadowed by internal strife, hundreds of small kingdoms are fighting for dominance, but in the fourth era there are only five main ones. Although the news about the newest Elder Scrolls Online expansion, High Isle, somewhat reduces the likelihood, there is a lot of potential when it comes to the main character as a prisoner in High Rock in Elder Scrolls 6. He may turn out to be a political prisoner. any of the five kingdoms, because they expressed support for another, or were accused of espionage — true or not. They may also find themselves prisoners of one of these kingdoms after an invasion of their home village or city by them.

Being a political prisoner in one of the five main kingdoms of High Rock can be in several different directions. If Elder Scrolls 6 allows players to customize their backgrounds, it might even be possible to choose which kingdom imprisoned them, going back to their choice. between Ralof and Hadwar in Skyrim.