How do the actors of “Interview with the Vampire” Lestat and the TV series “Louie” relate to the comparison with the 1994 film with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt


Adapting a long-loved written work for television is probably never an easy task for writers and producers, and one can imagine that the difficulties are becoming more numerous when such projects for small screens were preceded by well-received feature films. This is the case with AMC’s episodic turn in Ann Rice’s seminal bloodsucking story “Interview with a Vampire,” which, as we know, was shown on the big screen in 1994 with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the roles of Lestat and Louis. Sam Reed of The Newsreader and Game of Thrones veteran Jacob Anderson will be performing these roles respectively on television, and they both shared their thoughts on taking on such iconic roles, and why the AMC show won’t just be a paraphrase.

Despite various glitches that have prevented it from moving forward in past years, “Interview with the Vampire” is now fully intended to reach audiences after its debut for streaming (AMC+) and linear television (AMC) on October 2. And while the cast and crew are no doubt expecting to encounter a lot of comparisons to Neil Jordan’s film, even beyond what they’ve already heard, they respectfully noted during the TV Critics Association summer tour of the series that this will be a more extensive look at the source material than the film has ever been. it would be possible. After younger co-star Bailey Bass pointed out that she wasn’t even born when Kirsten Dunst first landed the role of Claudia, Sam Reed reflected on his own fandom (and age), explaining perhaps the biggest inherent difference between the two projects, saying:

I was alive when the movie came out, and I really like it. I love this movie. And I’ve always liked Ann Rice’s work. So I was really excited to be a part of this revival. Even as a fan of books, I was excited by the fact that it would be done at all. But what we’re doing in this adaptation and in this version of Interview with the Vampire is reviewing the entire book series. Because when this movie came out, she was still writing them, so they didn’t have the perspective of all the work. And now we have that point of view, so when we look at the character arcs, we’re looking at a much broader scale. So yes, [comparisons] are valid.

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While it may not be something that potential viewers will immediately notice without pointing it out, the 1994 film was released after only four books from Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series were published, and nine more novels followed 1992’s The Tale of the Body Snatchers. (As well as the two books “New Stories about Vampires”.) Thus, the star Sam Reed, showrunner Rolin Jones and the rest of the creative team had much more material from which to dig to find out who the character Lestat is in the world of “Interview with a Vampire”.

That’s not to say Reed thinks it means his take on Lestat will completely overshadow one of Tom Cruise’s most atypical roles. He continued:

And I like the fact that Tom Cruise played the role of Lestat, and I think he should be loved and remembered for this role. So I never play to touch that. It is a great honor for me to take on this extraordinary role created by Ann. But we’re doing another show. In fact, we look through all our books. so it’s a different feeling than that 1994 movie.

I’m not sure Tom Cruise could even recreate what Tom Cruise did with this role at the time, so thank God for Sam Reid and his all-round approach to the somewhat eternal vampire. For those who liked the homoeroticism underlying the characters of Cruise and Pitt the most, the cast also reported that viewers can expect a more direct perception of these vibrations in the TV show.

I can only agree with what Sam and Bailey said. I mean, like, it’s a great movie. Brad Pitt Brad Pitt. Who would like to try and compete with this? Yes, I think he’s a brilliant Louis. But yes, as Ron said, that’s the third thing. That’s another thing, and there’s something contextual about Louis in this interpretation, and it reflects time and reflects a lot of things that bring something else to Louis. Not so good, but just, you know, why compete? How amazing that all these Ann Rice stories can exist — all these interpretations of Ann Rice— and all the books can exist at the same time.

Take the opportunity to choose between versions, rather than arguing about which one is better. Since this argument most likely won’t be able to convince people to abandon it, let’s block these thoughts with the first trailer of “Interview with a Vampire.”

The interview with the Vampire will be sent to the homes of viewers (only after an invitation) on Sunday, October 2, at 22:00. eastern time, an hour after “The Walking Dead” will begin its last release of eight episodes. While waiting for vampires and zombies (and even the Mayfair Witches of Rice) to get out of control, check out the schedule of TV premieres in 2022 to find out what other new and returning shows are being prepared for release.


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