How do Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games Relate to the timeline

The era of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most beloved in the “Star Wars” universe. Knights of the Old Republic game changed the rules of the game when it was released in 2003, and for almost 20 years fans have been in love with Revan. In fact, in the post-Disney era, this is the only moment when canonicity falls into the gray zone instead of being completely removed.
This is due to the fact that, unlike most of the content related to the Skywalker saga, the action takes place so far away that its events do not affect the more “recent” works on the timeline. Disney even flirted with canonizing KOTOR in the Star Wars movie, as one ship in Skywalker’s Last Order. Sunrise” is named after Revan, but never received such recognition. Perhaps this will happen with the KOTOR remake, but in any case, it has gone so far that it can easily become a headcanon.
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However, this raises the question of exactly how KOTOR games are positioned on the timeline. The most common method of counting years in “Star Wars” is the Battle of Yavin, or 0 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin), as in “New Hope”. Subsequent events are denoted by the PBJ (or “After the Battle of Yavin”). Using this measurement, it is easy to understand how far in the past the KOTOR era has remained.
Chronology of the Knights of the Old Republic
5000 BBY — Although the events of the games take place later, it is about as far away as ent. Between 5000 BBY and 4000 BBY, several events occur, such as the rise of the Sith Empire, the first Hypergalactic War, and so on. 3976 BBY — The Mandalorian Wars begin, setting the stage for the prehistory of the first KOTOR. 3964-3960 BBY — The Mandalorian Wars end, and Darth Revan and Malak rebel. 3960 — The Battle of Malakor V takes place, and a Mass Shadow Generator is used. This sets the stage for KOTOR 2. 3956 DBYA — KOTOR events occur. 3951 DBYA — KOTOR 2 events occur. 3653 BBY — SW: TOR events occur, expanding the story and being limited to a few years before and after. Revan, the Sith Empire and many others play an important role.
KOTOR, covering about 1,400 years of Star Wars history, is one of the most expensive elements of the franchise. It is not yet known what exactly Star Wars will do with the era of the High Republic, but for comparison: events from Episode 1: The Hidden Menace (32 BBY) to Episode 9: Skywalker. Sunrise (approximately 35 ABY) takes about 67 years. .
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is in development for PC and PS5.