How do Miss Marvel’s abilities in the MCU differ from the comics


Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the first episode of Miss Marvel!

The origin story of Kamala Khan begins in episode 1 of “Miss Marvel” and shows how her MCU abilities differ from her abilities in comics. Marvel fans have been waiting for Kamala Khan to join the MCU ever since she made her comic book debut in 2013. As a teenager, Pakistani-American and Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, the announcement of Miss Marvel’s show on Disney+ in 2019 confirmed that she would be joining the MCU. the shared universe is coming soon.

“Miss Marvel” marks the beginning of what should be a notable role for Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) in the MCU. Marvel Studios has already confirmed her role in Miracles, where she will meet her favorite hero, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), as well as Monica Rambo (Teyona Parris). There is still a long way to go before Kamala Khan fights alongside these two MCU heroes, as the Miss Marvel episode 1 “Generation Why” firmly plays a role in establishing her life and the origin of the superhero. The show primarily focuses on establishing Kamala Khan’s normal life at school, with her friends and family, as well as clarifying her obsession with the Avengers.

Kamala Khan’s life changes a lot by the finale of the first episode of Miss Marvel. Her days when she was an ordinary teenager dreaming about what it means to be a superhero are over, because now she has her own powers that she must learn to control. However, Ms. Marvel’s abilities in the MCU are dramatically different from what comic book readers are familiar with. This was expected after we saw glimpses of her abilities in Miss Marvel’s marketing materials, but now the first episode of the show gives a better look at Kamala Khan’s new abilities and origins for the MCU.

Explanation of Miss Marvel’s Comic abilities and Origins

Kamala Khan’s comic origin as a superhero begins when she is in high school, long after her obsession with Captain Marvel was formed. Her life changes when she returns home from a party, and Jersey City is suddenly covered by the fog of Terrigen.

Kamala did not know that there were hidden non-human genes in her DNA, so exposure to Terrigen Mists triggers her Terrigenesis process. She wraps herself in a Terrigen cocoon and sees herself talking to Captain America, Captain Marvel and Iron Man. When she comes out of the cocoon, Kamala Khan’s superhuman abilities are triggered; including her body being transformed to look like Carol Danvers at a younger age.

Kamala’s transformation into Captain Marvel highlights the essence of her abilities in Marvel comics. Ms. Marvel is known as a polymorph, a person who can change her shape. However, changing her entire appearance to make her look like Carol Danvers is not how Kamala usually uses her abilities. Ms. Marvel’s comic abilities usually revolve around Kamala enlarging her entire body or certain parts, such as her arms or legs. This gives her stretching abilities like Mr. Fantastic, as well as growing abilities like Ant-Man. Ms. Marvel’s powers also include a faster and stronger healing gene compared to normal people.

How have Miss Marvel’s abilities changed in the MCU (and why)

As shown in episode 1, “Miss Marvel”, the Marvel cinematic universe has reinvented Kamala Khan’s origins and abilities. Her powers still manifest after her escape, but this time her powers are not inhuman—at least not in the same sense. The mists of Terrigen and the process of Terrigenesis are completely absent, as Marvel Studios connects the powers of Kamala Khan’s MCU with the family bracelet. Only after finally putting on the bracelet, Kamala has a cosmic vision, and she appears with new powers. The MCU has apparently reinvented Ms. Marvel’s enormous abilities, making them energetic rather than stretching her body. This also allows her to expand her abilities, as the space bracelet allows her to form certain energy structures and platforms.

Ever since the change in Ms. Marvel’s power was hinted at, there has been a lot of debate about why the MCU changed Kamala Khan in this way. The idea that Marvel changed them based on the visual similarity between Kamala’s and Reed Richards’ abilities has been refuted. Concerns about the shared universe not wanting to touch inhumans were also dispelled after Black Thunder’s unexpected cameo in Doctor Strange 2, although inhumans are not represented in the main MCU timeline.

The real reason why Ms. Marvel has different abilities in the MCU is probably part of her long-standing place in the MCU. Giving her space powers immediately creates a bridge to her appearance in Wonders beyond her Captain Marvel fandom. It also leaves Marvel Studios some wiggle room to add layers to Kamala Khan’s MCU origin in “Miss Marvel” and beyond.