How do fans Think Sutton Row Brilliantly became the star of RHOBH


Sutton Strack always seems to be at the center of the drama in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but fans think she somehow brilliantly became the star of the show. Sutton first appeared in season 10 of RHOBH as a “friend”. Introduced by Lisa Rinna, fans were intrigued by a rich woman whose closet is full of fancy designer clothes. Sutton gave the impression of a reserved southern beauty, but made a splash when she called Teddy Mellencamp “boring” during a dinner party. Although Sutton’s intentions were not malicious, she soon became known for blurting out everything that was on her mind.

Many RHOBH fans didn’t know what to do with Sutton at first. She found it difficult to get along with other women, and she seemed too sensitive to perceived neglect. During the 11th season of RHOBH, Kyle Richards’ sister Katie Hilton pretended to drink a martini in one gulp. Most housewives accepted the joke, except Sutton, who felt singled out. Sutton caused drama again when she told Crystal Kung Minkoff that she couldn’t see colors, which many RHOBH fans called ignorant. However, Sutton won the respect of viewers when she later questioned Erica Jane’s involvement in her court scandal and did not back down from the anger of the Pretty Mess star.

RHOBH fans criticized Kyle and Lisa for blindly supporting Erica. However, Sutton was the only one who voiced what the other actors were afraid to say, which the fans applauded. Reddit user Merci01 wrote: “Sutton had two options. Tow the line and merge with the FFF. Don’t make waves, let her castmates be fooled… or she could stand out by going against the current and turning herself into a lightning rod for everyone’s anger because she doesn’t pull the line and doesn’t obey.” Many RHOBH fans agreed with this opinion, and No_Ad3588 replied, “Yes, it’s right here. I sympathize with her awkwardness and understand, but when she holds on and fights back, I just like it!”

Although Erica’s legal troubles were at the center of the storylines of the 11th season of RHOBH, Sutton somehow became the most important cast member in the 12th season. She found herself at odds with Crystal again when she was accused of saying something “dark” on racial grounds last season. Sutton’s appearance on the program “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen also marked the beginning of Elton John’s drama Gala Gate with Lisa in the 12th season of RHOBH. When Lisa accused Sutton of canceling her table, she refused to be bullied and brought receipts to prove it. Many fans thought that Sutton, who played the victim in previous seasons, finally stood up and stood up against her colleagues in the film RHOBH.

Sutton has come a long way since her first appearance in the 10th season of RHOBH. When she joined the show, Sutton went through a divorce and sold her house, which left her vulnerable and emotional. While fans think Sutton is sometimes clumsy and clumsy in her words, many think her honesty is refreshing and fans respect her for not trying to fit the housewife template. Viewers are tired of the evil tactics of Erica, Lisa and Kyle and consider Sutton a real star of RHOBH.


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