How Disney Alumni Cristy Carlson Romano and Will Friedl Would React to The Animated Reboots of The Film “Even Stevens and the Boy Meet the World”


Over the years, Disney has produced a number of iconic TV shows for children. Those who grew up in the 90s or early 00s (like me) probably have pleasant memories of watching the films “The Famous Jett Jackson”, “Lizzie McGuire”, “It’s So Raven” and others. Of course, you can’t talk about them without mentioning “Even Stevens” and “Boy Meets World” (which aired on ABC, but was widely distributed on the Disney Channel). Both are still hugely popular, and viewers would undoubtedly like to see more from the two characters. So how about an animated reboot for both? Well, TV series alumni Cristy Carlson Romano and Will Friedl have feelings about this concept.

I had the opportunity to talk to both stars about their ongoing podcast “I Hear Voices”, in which they communicate with the biggest stars in the field of voice acting. During our conversation, I couldn’t help but ask the two stars what they thought about updating the cartoons of their famous sitcoms. Cristy Carlson Romano seemed very excited about the prospect of returning to her classic character, Ren Stevens, in this way. She even believes that for a number of reasons, such a project may be the best way to reintroduce the Stevens family.:

Oh my God, I think you’ve just come up with a solution to reboot Even Stevens. In particular, because, to be honest, I think that with animation and with people who can voice this animation, it gives a lot more freedom. There is energy in being behind the microphone, which we talk about in the podcast, which is so not bothered by the camera and how you look, and as if you are very present at the moment when you say your lines. And I think you don’t have as many distractions in your way as talent. And so I think it would have been a lot of fun with “Even Stevens” because we were very much like a situation comedy that had some fantastic elements. And it’s just safer. You know, it’s like it’s safer for child actors if they’re going to do these fantastic things. I think it sounds like a great idea, actually.

Even Stevens definitely stuck to the line when it came to realism and fantasticism, and his creative sensibility certainly lent itself to animation. (Louis’ strange dreams alone are worthy of a cartoon.) Besides, it goes without saying that Cristy Carlson Romano can still give Ren as much life as she did many years ago. Her abilities as a voice actress are well known, as she famously voiced the main character in “Kim Five-Plus” and has played many other roles over the years. I would also personally like several of her former colleagues to join her in the continuation of the Stevens series.

“Boy Knows the World,” of course, got a spin-off a few years ago, courtesy of Disney Channel’s “Girl Knows the World,” centered on Cory and Topanga’s daughter Matthew. Will Friedl reprised his beloved role of the quirky Eric Matthews in the second season and eventually appeared in several episodes before the show ended in 2017. The feathered series is the way:

I probably wouldn’t bring it back as a series, but maybe it’s special. You know, maybe a special animated film “The Boy learns the world” can be very, very interesting. And it lends itself… I mean, we’re both Disney kids, so the animation and music you could put in could really be appropriate for the Disney world. …I think this is a very, very interesting idea.

Considering that the last time the fans met with Corey Matthews and company. less than a decade ago, I would have bought a one-time special instead. Will Friedl and many other actors of “Boy Know the World” apparently still have a strong attachment to the sitcom TGIF, so it’s not surprising if they are also interested in subscribing to this theoretical venture. I would be curious to see further mixing of knowledge about BMW and Girl Meets World. Besides, the idea that Eric might be involved in some truly cartoonish antics is too funny to deny.

Nostalgia is definitely on sale these days, as many companies (including Disney) are updating their most famous franchises. So, to be honest, the chances of the aforementioned reboots are not so small. We hope that Cristy Carlson Romano and Will Friedl will eventually get the opportunity to return to their famous characters through animation.

You can learn more from the two stars by listening to the I Hear Voices podcast, which releases new episodes every Monday on iHeart Radio and Apple Podcasts. Anyone feeling nostalgic can also watch “Even Stevens” and “Boy Meets World” by streaming them on a Disney+ subscription. And don’t forget to look for new releases in the CinemaBlend TV schedule for 2023.


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