How different are Marvel’s Spider-Man graphics on PS5?


Productions produced exclusively for PlayStation 4 are generally highly praised and get high scores. Games that are completely focused on PlayStation can improve the player experience. With this strategy, both existing console owners can play the game and those who are thinking of buying a new console are attracted. Marvel’s Spider-Man, released exclusively for PS4, has reappeared with remastered graphics on PS5. So what are the graphical differences between the two consoles?

Marvel’s Spider-Man graphics compared!

GameSpot compared the PlayStation 5 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man game developed for PlayStation 4 with the older generation in a video. Besides the improved graphics, ray tracing support and the difference between HDD and SSD did not go unnoticed. In the 7-minute video, we encounter many aspects of the game.

As can be seen from the video, there is not much difference between the graphics. With the remastered version of PlayStation 5, some new effects have been added and the ambient color has become more red. However, the presence of ray tracing support made some burning effects more realistic. In previous interviews by Sony, an important point was made: How Spider-Man game will be affected by SSD. In the PS5 version, we can see that our character has a faster network tour. Marvel’s Spider-Man game has undergone such changes, with the exception of its graphics.

There is a huge speed difference between the HDD on the PS4 and the SSD in the PS5. We can understand this speed difference from the opening of the game. Because the processing of some skins and the processing of the map by the console required a higher reading speed, it was not possible for the character to move fast with the HDD. With SSD, this problem should be solved so that we can clearly see the difference in speed.

PlayStation 4 may still be a good choice for you if the differences we have mentioned are not important to you and you do not intend to get involved with new generation games.


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