How did the future of computing begin?


Some say that a computer that has access to the internet is enough. Really? Many people still believe that the number of functions offered by modern equipment, such as advanced computers and laptops, is exaggerated, which each year brings more processing power and allows the performance of complex tasks more quickly. So, how about telling a brief story to those who claim that updating devices is unnecessary?

First of all, say that you need to make complex calculations for a Physics test and that you will need a room of at least 167 square meters and 2.4 meters high in which will fit 40 units of panels, 17,468 vacuum tubes and 1,500 switches that weigh about 30 tons. Point out that you will need help to pay the electricity bill, after all the machine consumes 150 kilowatts to work. This equipment is indispensable for you to pass the year.

If the person laughs at you, say that ENIAC, considered the father of modern computers, was exactly like that, and that, completed in 1945, cost about 9.6 million dollars in updated values. A “little” more expensive than any laptop, “slightly” less practical to use and as agile as simple calculators. And it didn’t fit in a backpack.

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