How did the fans perceive the beginning of the “Masked Singer”?


Has The Masked Singer managed to win the hearts of fans this year? The popular song show began its seventh season on Saturday night. Unlike previous years, this time most of the masks were awarded only during the broadcast. The show also brought a little surprise: one of the celebrities put on his costume right on stage, but in front of a shadow wall. But did the opening of the season inspire the audience?

Opinions on Twitter seem to be divided: Although the singing competition was able to convince some fans, there are still many who were apparently disappointed with the show. “The music is too loud today, the singers’ voices are hard to hear,” complained one of the spectators on the platform. “So far I’m really struggling with this season,” another user admitted.

The fact that there are clearly fewer professional musicians under masks this season seems to have been received positively. “It makes it even more exciting and unpredictable for me,” said one viewer. And the masks were able to score again. “The costumes and staging have improved again this season,” another fan praised.


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