How did the date known as Singles Day come about?


Black Friday is a day known worldwide because of the numerous offers and promotions that take over physical and virtual stores. Many consumers wait all year to take advantage of this time and buy that product that is so desired. However, few are those who know they can start taking advantage of the discounts days before the official Black Friday.

November 11 (11/11) known as Single’s Day (or “Singles Day”, in free translation) and is considered the largest shopping festival in the world. Here in the West, many ended up calling this date “Chinese Black Friday” because of the proximity to traditional Black Friday and the promotions offered by e-commerce.

But what is the true meaning of that date? And how can we, Brazilians, take advantage of the best discounts and offers of this festival of promotions?

Singles Day

According to the most popular version of the story, Singles Day originated at the University of Nanjing in 1993 as an initiative to socialize singles, especially men. On November 11, a series of events and celebrations are organized to help boys (and girls) find a romantic partner.

The date was chosen because the number 1 seems to represent a person alone. Therefore, 11/11 would be the maximum representation of “bachelorhood”, a condition that was apparently being “fought” by this university initiative, with the young audience being the biggest target.

Over time and with the increasing popularity of this event, local businesses began to see an excellent opportunity to increase sales. Soon, several stores (both physical and online) started promotions and offers that would last for the entire Singles Day. In a few years, November 11 became the largest shopping festival in the world, surpassing dates such as Black Friday, Christmas and Mother’s Day.

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