How Did Red Dead Redemption II Become a Legend in Just 3 Years?


Red Dead Redemption II: In Legend Games episode 8, we will examine together with you why and how Red Dead Redemption II managed to become a legend in a short time.As you know, in our Legend Games series, I generally wrote games that were old and had a separate place for the players and left stories in our lives. In this part of our series, I will write about Red Dead Redemption II, which was released in 2018. RDR2 has earned itself a perfect place among truly legendary games in 3 years.

Red Dead Redemption II, the third game in the series, was truly an unforgettable production in the game world, based on other games. Actually, I can praise you this game. It is also worth mentioning that it is an unforgettable game, especially with its historical references and story structure. Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption 1 were not that much fun games. I have to admit that Rockstar Games has already made a 2018 game one of the legends.

The Van der Linde Gang story is a work of art

15-year-old Arthur Morgan, who joined the Van der Linde gang that was founded in 1878 (Red Dead Redemption 1), grew up in the second game and became a complete musketeer. When we start the game, we meet our character Arthur while carrying the gang on a difficult winter day. This scene of the play is quite important, as everyone around the world likens this episode to Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Referring to the time when gangs were legalized in American history, our gang leader Dutch wants to make a final hack.

We call it my brother, we just did the robbery, we blew everything and we say “haydaaaa” at that moment. We’re following The Pinkerton Agency. Meanwhile, our gang leader is coming to the point of slightly chilling in Dutch. Choking on the river, constantly saying the last job, stabbing the man, and so on. “And daddy, how were we getting legalized?” we say, but Dutch doesn’t stop. We are also dealing with Micah and stuff (and we passed ourselves to save this guy). Although we are not used to playing two characters in a game, after the “attention spoiler” Arthur has passed away, we continue the last 20% of the game with John Marston. In the meantime, let’s say it is going big in Dutch. In short, the game has such an intriguing scenario and you know that such events were experienced in the USA at the time, or the game completely surrounds itself for this reason. You can’t help quitting.