How did Master Roshi suddenly become so powerful in Dragon Ball Super


In an amazing, seemingly instantaneous transformation, Master Roshi turned from a retired fighter into a reliable member of the Z-Warriors in Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball Z, it was proven that the Hermit Turtle is even weaker than Yajirobe and Chiaotzu. Relegated to comedies and an occasional source of martial arts advice for Goku, Master Roshi stayed on the sidelines throughout Dragon Ball Z.

Considering that the main characters left Master Roshi far behind in the original Dragon Pearl anime, there wasn’t much expectation that he would intervene every time the Earth was in danger. Instead, the burden fell on characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan. It was the same with Dragon Ball Super when Master Roshi became interested. Surprisingly, Master Roshi was on hand when Gohan assembled the Z-Warriors to fight the army of alien invaders of Frieza. And in the Tournament of Strength, his help was invaluable. It’s hard to say what would have happened if he hadn’t defeated Ganos from Universe 4, whose strength was growing rapidly.

Master Roshi’s ability to outlive Thien and Krillin and defeat several of their opponents during the tournament is a testament to how far he has come since Dragon Ball ended. This sudden surge of power naturally raised some questions about where it came from, especially considering that Master Roshi was at the very bottom of the power scale at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. How exactly this happened is hinted at by Goku’s line in Dragon. Ball Super, episode 89, when Roshi, mind-controlled, fought with Tien and Goku. Watching some of his exploits, Goku suggested that his former mentor must have been secretly training to become so strong.

Master Roshi’s secret training made him stronger

Since Roshi has been excluded from so many battles over the years, Goku’s idea is the only one that can explain the successes achieved by Master Roshi. Apparently, the Z-Warriors didn’t take him into account all this time simply because they didn’t know about the training he was doing behind their backs. At an unspecified time in the Dragon Ball timeline (but presumably after his strength level was scanned in Saiyan Saga), Roshi must have resumed his training and started a gradual ascent through the ranks. This means that, for example, when the Z-Warriors were fighting androids, Master Roshi could have already started his secret training by this point.

A few years when the character practiced his techniques and became stronger, and no one knew about it, is the only working explanation for the large—scale retcon of Master Roshi’s strength level. Judging by what he saw in the Dragon Ball Super Strength Tournament, his training paid off so well that Master Roshi regained his status as one of the strongest Earthlings on the planet, a status shared only by Krillin, Yamcha and Tien. . If he continues like this, Goku can summon him the next time powerful allies are needed.