How did Jimin and Ha Sung Un meet? So their friendship was born.


Our blues OST is not the only thing that connects Jimin and Ha Sung Un, these singers have a great friendship that began even before they became K—Pop stars, and here you will find the details.

The song With You was released yesterday, a collaboration that Jimin performed with singer Ha Sung Un, but although ARMY were happy to get to know the new BTS idol project, it was even more special because it would be a track with a very boyish character. a good friend.

The OST of the drama “Our Blues” prompted us to recall the story of the acquaintance of these talented artists, who are now part of a group of friends consisting of successful celebrities.

If you still don’t know the details of the friendship of these South Korean artists, here we will tell you how they met, how they got closer and even about some of their most memorable interactions that won the hearts of their fans.

Jimin and Ha Sung Wook from BTS have been known since they were trainee

These guys got close many years ago, so their connection with time has proven its strength. Jimin and Ha Sonoon met when they were both interns, the Electrified singer dated J-Hope, who in turn introduced him to other Bangtan Sonyeondan members such as Suga and Jimin.

However, it turned out that Ha Sung Un and Jimin got along very well, almost inevitably becoming good friends. After that, the singer included the artist HYBE in the Padding Squad, a group of celebrities who get along great.


Recently, Fall in You shared with his fans that he got a call on the eve of his birthday, but because he was planning to go on vacation, he didn’t check his mobile phone and continued his plans, shortly after he was surprised when they knocked. his door, and Jimin was ready to congratulate him after an unsuccessful conversation on the phone.

These artists usually go out, go to karaoke together, and support each other in every project, Ha Sung Un was recently at the Permission To Dance On Stage show in Seoul, but when he became a member of Produce 101, Jimin invited fans to support your friend.