How did Consumer Day come about?


A date when, at the same time, unmissable promotions appear in stores and topics such as rights and customer protection are discussed. This is World Consumer Rights Day, or just Consumer Day, a date celebrated annually on March 15 in all parts of the world.

But do you know where this date comes from and why does it involve both discounts and awareness campaigns? It was not chosen by chance and has a historical background.

The first day

On March 15, 1962, the then President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, sent a message to the United States Congress to express his concerns about consumer rights.

The letter reinforced that the consumer should be respected by the trades and had a series of rights at the time of purchase – from complete information about the items available to security in the transaction, through customer service in the after sales.

“I sent Congress today a Special Message on the Protection of Consumer Interest. We are all consumers. We all deserve the right to be protected from fraudulent and deceptive advertisements and brands – the right to be protected from unsafe medicines and other products, insignificant – the right to choose from a variety of products at competitive prices. However, modern life is so complex that the current laws in statutory books are inadequate to guarantee these rights “, says the beginning of the text, which can be read at in English in the politician’s virtual library.

Kennedy’s act in favor of the consumer put pressure on US lawmakers to oversee trades and pass new sector decrees. This was the first act of its kind to come from a leader and worldwide relevance, commented on and copied worldwide.


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