How David Harbour lost weight in season 4 of the TV series “Stranger things”


Considering that he lost a staggering 60 pounds for this role, exactly how David Harbour lost so much weight for season 4 of “Stranger Things” is puzzling to many viewers. Back in the first season of “Very Strange Things”, the body of star David Harbor played a surprisingly large role in the series. In the first scenes of the pilot episode of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, a battered Harbor Police chief Hopper is depicted waking up after a drunken night with his impressive belly exposed for all to see.

Hopper’s “Fatherly Body” contrasted sharply with the more chiseled male leads that viewers used to expect on television, and the Netflix hit doubled that in the third season of “Very Strange Things.” crude allusions to his beloved Joyce Byers, and the actor’s massive, muscular physique reminded that the character was not always the harmless teddy bear that many viewers imagined him to be. However, in season 4 of Very Strange Cases, a new, much slimmer version of Hopper was introduced, and the actor put a lot of effort into a dramatic transformation that repeated the big changes his character went through.

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Harbor lost 60 pounds to play Hopper in season 4 of “Stranger Things,” dropping weight around the same time he was filming flashback scenes for Marvel’s “Black Widow.” Harbor’s weight loss was worth a lot of effort, as the actor had to portray a beaten, bitter Hopper who found himself alone in a remote Russian prison camp. However, although the process was grueling, Harbor’s weight loss method was much less complicated than that of many actors who had their bodies transformed. According to the actor himself: “It’s amazing. You try to do all these different things, protein, this and that, and then you just stop eating and lose weight.” Of course, just because this method turned out to be effective does not mean that it was necessarily safe or medical. Harbour himself acknowledged this by saying: “I was just hungry for most of the filming,” and admitting that the huge weight loss probably affected his performance. The actor said about his 60-pound weight loss: “I think you’ll see that it’s not very good for me, mentally and nutritionally,” and evidence for this claim is easy to find in season 4 of “Very Strange Cases.”

Why David Harbour lost so much weight in season 4 of the TV series “Very strange things”

Just as Robert De Niro’s numerous body transformations have influenced his roles over the years, Harbor’s lean physique and haggard face make his exhausted, demoralized Hopper much more believable throughout season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things.” Harbor lost weight to create an image of a prison camp. the prisoner became more influential, although there was an ironic side to this transformation. This is not the first time Harbor has portrayed a character who spent time in a secret Russian prison and underwent dramatic changes: the star of the TV series “Very Strange Things” also lost weight to play a younger version of his character from the Black Widow, The Red Guard, in flashbacks. .

Russian Russian Prisoner: Since the Marvel movie was being filmed at the same time as season 4 of “Very Strange Cases,” Harbor technically lost weight to play a Russian prisoner after gaining weight in the first place to play another Russian prisoner. Hopper’s transformation in “Very Strange Things” could not be less similar to his role as the Black Widow, since both parts required opposite physical transformations from the star. Fortunately, however, Harbor was able to line up his filming schedule and make sure he only had to go through the intense 60-pound weight loss that season 4 of “Very Strange Things” once required.