How Danielle Rule from Love Is Blind Stays in Stellar Shape after losing 70 pounds of Weight: Photos


He shares his secrets of losing weight! Having lost 70 pounds, Danielle Rule from Love Is Blind is no stranger to transforming her body — and she revealed exactly how she stays in great shape.

The 29-year-old marketing director found love with her current husband Nick Thompson in the second season of the Netflix series. After “Love is Blind” aired earlier this year, the fan favorite, who talked about her weight loss journey on the show, shared a series of photos in March that highlighted her weight fluctuations over the years.

“Showing this to remind myself and everyone that beauty comes from within,” she wrote on Instagram at the end of March, admitting that she gained 20 pounds while filming a reality dating show. “We have to love ourselves no matter what.”

Currently, Rule looks and feels better than ever, showing that she maintains her radiance with the help of personal trainer Joshua Lipsey. (The founder of Core-Fix specializes in creating virtual personal workouts that are perfect for those on the go.) “Josh’s virtual workout with me teaches me how to make sure I’m doing all the exercises correctly,” Rule exclusively told us. . “I also feel less embarrassed learning new workouts… [and] being able to do it without leaving home.”

Despite the busy schedule, Rule, the reality TV star, and Thompson, 26, are currently raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as part of the St. Jude Play Live, and she blogs about mental health for her website – always finds time to squeeze in a quick sweat session. “Regular workouts help me not only physically, but also mentally,” she admitted. “Setting aside one hour a day to take care of my health will ultimately improve my mood.”

Another bonus? Lipsy’s virtual workouts not only helped her lose weight, but also improved her overall health. “I told Joshua that I wanted to focus on workouts that would not only hurt my back due to scoliosis, but also strengthen my strength to reduce pain,” she explained to Us. “During our classes, both of us have already noticed that my posture has improved and my back pain has decreased.”

Scroll down to see the three most effective exercises of the famous trainer:

Hip push-ups in the side bar
“[It’s] a great exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles and the anterior dentate muscle,” Lipsey told us, noting that the obliques “act as shock absorbers while running, [and also] help to perform rotation and flexion exercises.”

“Enter the side bar, lower your hips in a controlled manner and lift them back up,” he instructs. “If you need to change, you can put your top foot in front of the other.”

Rotational lunge

“The hips are the biggest source of energy in the body, and it is very important to focus on them during training,” Lipsy explained, noting that this exercise is “a great exercise for the lower body, which activates the hips and also opens the torso.”

To make this movement, the trainer said: “Lunge forward with one leg, as soon as the leg descends 90 degrees, turn the torso to the outside of the thigh, stretching the arms.”

Rotary press

“The rotational bench press is a great upper body and core exercise that improves posture and upper core. Take two dumbbells and turn your torso inwards over the opposite shoulder, making sure that the weight is behind your body, so that you work on your core,” said the fitness expert. He added: “Working with rotational movements in the upper body increases functionality and improves posture.”